e-Prog FAQs

What is e-Prog all about?

e-Prog is devoted to Progressive Rock that highlights keyboards such as synthesizers, piano, Moog, Mellotron, Hammond and others. The goal is to enhance the listening experience by providing a forum (website and mailing list) to discuss bands, albums, concerts, news and equipment. It is geared towards fans, artists, producers, promoters and distributors... worldwide we have members from 34 countries. The acts likely to be discussed are such classics as Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Genesis, ELP, Yes, PFM, Triumvirat, Goblin, Metamorphosi, Renaissance, Wakeman and Emerson as well as newer groups such as Solaris, Spock's Beard, Ars Nova, Glass Hammer, Quaterna Requiem, Tempus Fugit, After Crying, P? Lindh Project, Gerard, Romantic Warriors, Niacin and Redjy Emond. This website archives pertinent dialog from the list's postings. It also has prog-related links, books, magazines, festivals, radio, album recommendations, and our very own e-Progeny CD!!

Can you tell me about the e-Progeny CD?

The e-Progeny CD is an independent venture undertaken by the members of our mailing list.  It is a compilation of tracks which serve as a tribute to 'keyboard-oriented prog rock'.  This is truly the new generation of progressive keyboardists gathered together in cyberspace via the e-Prog mailing list. Don't miss this opportunity to listen to the new sounds of our e-Progeny artists: Dan J. Schulte, Bjorn Lynne, Ozone Player, Alfonso Vidales, Count Zero, Edo Spanninga, Vortex, Luke D'Araceno, Facade, RAM & Mark Jenkins.  Preview the artwork, liner notes and reviews.

Who produced the e-Progeny CD?

"e-Progeny", a Luna Negra production...  Since 1994, LUNA NEGRA has become the most important progressive / RIO / New Music source in Mexico.  Now, for the new millennium, we offer you a keyboard-driven, progressive rock compilation featuring some of the best independent prog rock musicians in recent years.  You can order e-Progeny from M&M Music and Eurock.

If you have other questions, please contact us.  (also see the mailing list Netiquette page)