e-Progeny CD Liner Notes

The e-Progeny CD is an independent venture being undertaken by the list members of our internet mailing list. It consists of a compilation of tracks which are a tribute to 'keyboard-oriented prog rock'. All tracks are previously unreleased.

"e-Prog" is a Music Mailing List devoted to reviewing Progressive, Symphonic, Art Rock which uses Synthesizers, Moogs, Mellotrons, Hammond Organs and other Keyboards. The lists purpose is to enhance the listening experience by providing a forum to discuss artists/groups, albums, concerts, news, recording techniques & equipment and is geared towards fans, artists, producers, promoters and distributors. The groups/artists likely to be discussed are such classics as Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Genesis, ELP, Yes, PFM, Triumvirat, Goblin, Renaissance, Wakeman and Emerson as well as more contemporary acts such as Solaris, Pendragon, Spock's Beard, Ars Nova, Glass Hammer, Djam Karet, Anglagard, P? Lindh Project, Gerard, Metamorphosi, Romantic Warriors, Rocket Scientists and Redjy Emond.

Progressive EM artist Dan J. Schulte (California, USA) offers his exclusive ?Sacrifice? track, which follows his first album Nominal Gain and precedes The Iron Realm and the John Carpenter/Alan Howarth inspired project Electronic Nightmares. See http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dungeon/2140/

Bjorn Lynne (Norway, now residing in England) is a solo artist on the UK label Cyclops records. His CD albums are all instrumental symphonic rock, often based on sci-fi or fantasy themes. At the time of writing, his latest three CDs are The Void (1997), Wizard of the Winds (1998) and Wolves of the Gods (1999), all of which have got great reviews in the progressive music press. The Void was often compared to Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield and Porcupine Tree, whereas Wolves of the Gods were more often compared to Dream Theater, Rush, Yes, Flower Kings and Spock's Beard. 'Awakenings' is a previously unreleased track made for this project. For free Bjorn Lynne newsletter, visit his web site. See http://www.lynnemusic.com

Ozone Player is a one-man project by Otso Pakarinen (Helsinki, Finland) who has been making music in various groups and under several pseudonyms since 1972. Recently he has been trying to find a wormhole to a new musical territory between progressive rock and ambient techno, ?Also Starring Zarathustra? being the latest attempt in that quest. Seehttp://www.vpower.pp.fi

Special Guest: Alfonso Vidales (Mexico) 'En Espera del Tiempo' (Waiting for the Time) keyboardist for Cast (no bio info. yet):

'Cold Coffee' is produced by Count Zero who is comprised of Tony De Laender (keyboards, guitars and drum programming) and Stefaan Bonte (bass). Tony is inspired by Dream Theater, LTE, Magellan and Ayreon.

Edo Spanninga (The Netherlands) is the keyboardist for the Dutch neo-progressive group Flamborough Head whose debut album Unspoken Whisper earned them ?Best New Band 1998? from the Classic Rock Society in England. 'Cathedral Green' is a solo effort by Edo made exclusively for this project. Flamborough Head are also the organizers of the annual progressive rock festival Progfarm (Bakkeven, Holland). See http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Backstage/5383/

Vortex (Massachusetts, USA) is comprised of Martin Boisvert (drums & percussion), Rick Steinau (bass & guitar) and Pete Abusamra (keyboards). They first worked together in a Jethro Tull tribute band... collectively they have been playing professionally off and on for 60 years in the Central Massachusetts area. 'Chase' was written by M. Boisvert, arranged by Vortex recorded & mixed by R. Steinau at Cocoon Studios between April 14th and April 28th 1999. Vortex can be reached at Marabus@gis.net

After quitting a classical piano study at the Utrecht Conservatory, Luke d'Araceno (The Netherlands) chose to go commercial, playing all styles of music and having some modest success with various Dutch pop/rock/wave bands. From 1993, he finally decided to combine his old passion - complex progressive rock - with a more updated 90's sound, and initiated a solo project called d'Araceno. Since 1994, Luke has played in the heavy prog group DaManual. ?Day Off? is an exclusive solo submission for this project. See http://www.wxs.nl/~araceno

Mike Zweigbaum (vocals), Brian Andonian (drums) and Steve Lehrfeld (keyboards, guitar and bass) comprise the group Facade (NY, MI and NJ, USA) which has submitted the track called ?Dancing with Skeletons?? the most diverse track in the compilation.
See http://www.hutman.com/dreg

RAM is the founder, composer, and keyboardist of the New York based prog-metal band "Heavy Reign." He is a classically trained musician and composer. During the 80s, he frequently performed solo recitals and also became an international competitor on his instrument. Heavy Reign was formed because of his love for progressive-rock music, however you can still hear the classical influences in the music. 'Fantasia No.1' is a demonstration of RAM's style of composition and keyboard work. You will be able to hear more of RAM's keyboard oriented music under the band name "Turquoise." See http://www.HeavyReign.com

Celebrity comments:
"I was happy to hear about your mailing list and the upcoming tribute to ?Keyboard-oriented prog rock?. For many years now keyboard based groups in prog rock (not to mention pop and rock music in general) as unfortunately been very much neglected. This has at times lead to the all but extinction of keyboard groups in the musical landscape of the world. Therefore I value your important work for promoting the keyboards and look forward with great excitement to the e-prog2 CD. Now please don?t mix those mellotrons too low and concerning the Hammond - all stops out...let it RIP!!!" P? Lindh, PLP

"When I was thinking about the title of this album, It struck me how very fitting it really was: One normally associates progeny with descendants, yet the word is much more subtle than that. It?s roots also refer to disciples or successors, which is of course the role we?ve all assumed as electronic musicians. The musicians on this album, can be thought of as representing the fourth generation of electronic composers. Their responsibility is to ensure that the art form survives well into the next generation, as we have done in the generation before." Prof. Walter Holland

Mark Fonda
Executive Producer

Juan Jos?Salas R.