Progfest '99

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From: "upnsm0ke" <>
Progfest '99, Memorial Day Weekend (May 28-30) in San Francisco, at the Palace Of Fine Arts Theater.
I found this info pertaining to the lineup (and Gerard, it seems, did not make the cut).
Friday - Banco, Par Lindh Project, Quidam
Saturday - Porcupine Tree, Bondage Fruit, Mastermind
Sunday - Magma, Brainville, Buckethead
I've never listened to Magma, and I've never heard of the other two bands on Sunday, so somehow, I'd have to get up there by midday Friday, and spend Friday driving back (unless I got plane tix). At least Mastermind is on Saturday, so I wouldn't miss them :-)

From: "Carsten Busch" <>
I saw some of you don't know some bands. Let me try to give some help. I won't be there regrettably (or should I try driving from Hoorn (NL) to SF:-) Then I'd better start driving *now*.
Banco: legendary and excellent Italian progsters from the 70's. Lush classically influenced stuff!
Par Lindh: well, he's been discussed a lot on this list, so I'll skip him. recommended though
Quidam: excellent melodic Polish neoprogsters with a hint of Camel, a really wonderful female leadsinger (she's so gorgeous and has both looks, performance and voice!) excellent live-band! You just gotta see them!
PT: british spaceproggers, formely very very much like PF, nowadays they dropped the Floyd stylisms and tend more into modern spacerock. Very good band as well with possibilities to crossover to a larger audience. Maybe to gui-oriented for many e-proggers though
Bondage Fruit: hmmm I completely forgot how they were... aren't they Japanese??
Mastermind: bombastic powerprog, hyperactive Rush meets ELP. I love their albums, but after seeing them at the Pul Festival two years ago I has heavily disappointed. 1.000.000 notes and 25.000 breaks in one hour at 110 dB(A). Nah!
Magma: I guess this are the Frech legends (I also know an Argentine band by this name..)? Cool! To quote Progression: 'everybody's favourite band who invented its own language'. Only for people who are into very dark jazzrock-like stuff. Certainly *not* suited for neo-only-proggers!
Brainville&Buckethead: never heard of 'em. It's a mystery why such unknown (okay, maybe I should judge this, but I tend to believe that I know quite a few things in the scene) bands appear on the final day...
I'd say e-proggers should definitely see the first day if you have a chance. Very good value for money programme. Those who like to experiment and like to discover new stuff (new universes in case of Magma) should see the other two days as well :-)