Alfonso Vidales Reviews

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From: "Andrew J. Rozsa" <>
Vidales, Alfonso - 'Clavico' (Mexico, 1998)
This keyboard man is a true talent. A wizard or a sentimental lyrical player, as the tune requires it, he delivers his outstanding training and heart. Since I still haven't heard any Cast :-(, I don't know how this album compares to the whole band's productions, but here, various pieces are definitely in the 'serious' or classical (symphonic) vein. I listened to it several times and liked it more and more as I got into the individual pieces. The rhythms are provided by various percussionists, but much of it is inherent in the way he plays the keyboards, especially the piano (which IS a percussion instrument, after all). In places the arrangements and the playing style reminds me very much of Rick Wakeman (listen to track 3 "Reportando", and see if you don't agree -- although Mike Oldfield would want a piece of recognition, too). While I thoroughly like the man and will want to get my hands on some Cast, I am sorely disappointed with the production: it sounds like a self-production... muddled sound, lacking the crispness I get from After Crying, for instance. I guess I am spoiled. Also, for my ears, he sometimes does too many things (layering). Occasionally, Vidales' extraordinary musicianship is lost in the complexity of the too many sounds. The music itself is original, beautiful, and very enjoyable. I will be looking for this man in anything in which he participates. "Clavico" is definitely a keeper and it goes on my shelf labeled "Listen to it again." A Top 20, indeed.