Tritonus Reviews

From: David Kuznick <>
I got my (Tritonus) CD from New Sonic Architecture and is has both of their LPs. I think the ELP comparison that is most often made is GROSSLY unfair; they are NOT an ELP "clone" ala Triumvirat. Yes, a prog trio is going to instantly draw comparisons, and while there are some ELP-ish songs and Hammond workouts they have a unique "spacy" quality that is all too uncommon in prog. Very good band and an excellent choice for those on this list.

From: upnsm0ke <>
Well, I went ahead and tried out Tritonus, after all (even after I'd said I wouldn't, after Brett's generous comments), and while it's true the vocals are less than exemplary, I'm actually pleasantly surprised!! I haven't listened to the whole thing, but it sounds pretty good, and I never knew that Peter Seiler was the keyboardist in this outfit! These guys definitely have their own thing going...ELP would never have produced a track like "Mars Detection"! (Dig that Moog bass...)

From: all4rains <> Just got this one myself. Actually it's a two-fer, with Tritonus' self-titled debut & the follow up, "Between The Universes" both on the same disc, with a bonus track. Greg's got it at Syn-Phonic...great remastering job, the disc sounds fantastic. Spot-on about the T'Rat comparison Carlos--that's the first thing that came to mind here, too...... Agree on the recording, but those vocals....that's an whole different matter. This album is a frustrating listen, IMHO. Musically, this cd is very enjoyable. Keyboardist Peter Seiler has some pretty decent chops & his rig is heaven--Moog & Arp synths, Hammond organs, etc. But the vocals (by the bassist) are anything but Greg Lake sounding. They're downright annoying...I cringe every time this guy starts to sing! Just as everything is cooking along nicely, the vocals come in & spoil it all. (Best track on the disc for me is the lone instrumental :) !!) The band has a tendency to occasionally veer into some silly psychedelic territory as well. If you can get past all this, the cd is recommended.

From: Carlos Lima <> Our friend Jeff Marx discovered, and recommended me, this "lost gem" of 70ies German progressive-rock: Tritonus - Between the Universes. Thanks Jeff! This power-trio - keyboards/bass/drums - is really a "must have" in every good progressive-rock's collection and highly recommended to all fans of ELP and Triumvirat. I even dare to say that this is "the album" that Triumvirat would like to make after "Spartacus". The vocals (in English) are even very close to the ones of Greg Lake :-) and the recording is also astonishing (for an album from the 70ies)! The only trouble is that this album is a little bit expensive, even here in Europe, but it is better for you to buy this one than to make a "shot in the dark" with two other unknown "promising bands".