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From: "Mark Fonda" <>
(Brasil, 1997, 8 tracks, 60 minutes) - Every bit as good as all the raves... similar to Glass Hammer or Spock's Beard... mostly instrumental with a few well-done vocals (in English).  Lush, symphonic, keyboard-oriented, but with some fabulous electric and acoustic guitar and drums.  I was blown away by this album with its epic, pastoral, instrumentally magnificent production. The cast is Andre Mello: keyboards and vocals; Ary Moura: Drums and Electronic Percussion; Bernard: Bass, Narration and backing Vocals; and Henrique Simoes: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Cavaquinho, Mandolin and Backing Vocals.   This is their debut album, but there is a very polished and flowing feel to all the tracks... these guys must have all been in other bands previously!!  I see they give credit to our very own Cesar Lanzarini for collaboration... bravo!!  The more I listen to this, the more I like it... I'm going to go out on a limb here... I think this CD is better than any of the Glass Hammer or Spock's Beard albums!!!  It is a 'must have' for any serious e-Progger!! T.F.'s website is http://www.rockprogressivo.com.br/tempusfugit (It's in Portuguese but there are sound clips)

From: Jeff Marx
After listening to "Tales From a Forgotten World" a half-dozen times or more, I thought I'd give a plug to Lanzarini's guys, Tempus Fugit. They sure play a mean dose of instrumental prog! Mark, if you ever update your keyboard albums list, TF deserves a mention. I hope Andre Mello stays with the same rig of vintage keys on their next album, as it gives the album a warm 70's sound, combined with late 90's production values. Mark's review (above) is right on the money!

From: Lanzarini
Thanks for the words Jeff! The first CD is considered on of the 10 bests brazilian cd's of all times according to the RPB Poll:
http://www.rockprogressivo.com.br/resultado_p.htm I talked right now with Andre Mello and he told me that the money to complete the recordings of the second CD is Ok, and the band back to studio next week!

From: Lanzarini
This is a Brazilian band who have had one very good studio release out so far. This band should appeal to ELOY fans with a great symphonic keyboard sound. The vocals are the weak part of this group but thankfully over 90% of the music is instrumental.

From: Jeff Marx <>
> Did you like the bonus tracks from the Official Live Bootleg?
Yes, I do enjoy the bonus tracks, and I like how they are mixed in with the "Tales" pieces. Discover is my favorite track of the three, there is some truly inspired keyboard work by Andre...and good side-by-side guitar/keyboard moments. Next favorite would be O'Desafio, Henrique and Andre work very well together here again. Never is good as well...with a softer dreamlike quality to it. Except for the two-part harmonization near the end of the song, that doesn't work too well. Are these three tracks going to be on their new album? Does the new album have a title yet? I hope they concentrate most of their efforts on the instrumental aspects versus the vocals, that's where they really shine!

From: Jeff Marx <>
Here's a bit of good news from Musea's website concerning Tempus Fugit's next album, can't wait! For those who want to visit Musea's site, here's the URL; http://www.musearecords.com/panneaux.html TEMPUS FUGIT "WHEN THE CITY DREAMS" FGBG 4318.AR Coming in December..... Hey Lanzarini....do you have any other info regarding the new album?

From: "Lanzarini" <>
Yes, we hope the vocal parts finish in October! Great news indeed!
Here's an update: the definite title for the album is - "The dawn after the storm". it's a Rock Symphony release, distributed exclusively by Musea *only* in the EEC and Russia, and not a Musea new release

From: "Lanzarini" <>
I didn't have words to describe the new Tempus Fugit CD "The Dawn After The Storm". I'll try to post a review at RPB web-page on the new updated English version for January. One thing: the new bass player Andre Luiz is one of the best ones in Brazil. Ary Moura is more free to play. Andre Mello and his mini moog are a particular show! I almost cry hearing the mellotron on The Fortress (the 5th song) and Henrique with his guitar, mandolin and cavaquinho are great! As Harmonie Magazine posted on its last edition: "Tempus Fugit is the best progressive band on the present moment." AND IT IS BRAZILIAN! I hope you here at E-Prog get your CD ASAP. The band's web site are being updated and will be on both versions (Portuguese and English)

From: "Lanzarini" <>
Tempus Fugit web site was updated with new sound files from the new release The Dawn After The Storm and Tales From a Forgotten World www.rockprogressivo.com.br/tempusfugit   Also: Audio Files of the new CD of Tempus Fugit at http://www.geocities.com/SunSetStrip/Gala/9357/tf.htm

> Re: Tempus Fugit- "The Dawn After The Storm": Loved the first one (except for the few unfortunate vocals) - how does this one compare?
LOL....yes, I agree on the vocals. "Unfortunate" is a good choice of words....fortunately, they're kept to a minimum here. This is another goodie. Didn't leave as big an impression on me at first listen like "Tales From A Forgotten World" did, but after a few listens I'd say this album is just as good, if not better. But don't expect "Tales" again, as this is a completely different sounding album. More of a quiet & subdued album, with a lot more textures than "Tales". Guitarist Henrique Simoes has more of an expanded role in TF's sound now, & it turns out he's actually quite a tasty player. There's a great acoustic classical piece, as well as some nice nylon-string guitar parts that are cool. Keyboardist Andre Mello sounds as good as ever, & his solos on the title piece & "Discover" (with his "unfortunate" vocals) are worth the price of the album alone.