Rumblin' Orchestra Reviews

From: "Mark Fonda" <>
Anyone know of the Hungarian group called Rumblin' Orchestra?  The latest Progression magazine has a very brief note about them on p.78: "From Hungary's Stereo Periferic label: ....Rumblin' Orchestra, Spartacus (synth-based symphonic progressive in the 70's ELP, Trace, Eloy vein)"

From: Thierry SPORTOUCHE <>
AD got it and found it a bit boring: only instrumental, too close to ELP...Well, not bad but boring! I can trade it if you (still) want...

From: "Mark Fonda" <>
RUMBLIN' ORCHESTRA - SPARTACUS (Hungary, 1998, 12 tracks, 62 minutes) - I took a gamble on this one and was not disappointed.  This is another Hungarian gem, with superb classical overtones and instrumental diversity... also very keyboard laden with some fantastic ELP/Triumvirat-style sections.  Ella Bela does keyboards and vocals, Szabo Jusztin handles drums, percussion, bass and vocals and a cast of others play flute, cello, trombone, oboe and violin.  There are also some sparse vocal/choral sections which are mediocre.  The theme is indeed about the Roman gladiator, Spartacus, and some of the tracks are appropriately titled 'The Last Day', 'Getting Ready', 'Victory or Death', 'The Legions', etc.  The tone is very fast and upbeat with some fantastic organ and synth work, especially the 10-minute epic track 'Victory or Death'.  The last (bonus) track is called 'America' which is a (live) modern interpretation of Bernstein/Sondheim's 'America'... an obvious clone of the ELP classic. This CD may be tough to find... I got it from Here's the link for Perfieric Records but there is no page for R.O. yet

From: Jeff Marx <>
>>29. Rumblin Orchestra 'Spartacus' (Hungary, 1998)
> do you really think that this is _that_ good? i really like parts of it, but other parts sound like warmed-over ELO.
Compared to some other things I've listened to the past 6 months, I think it's pretty good. I enjoyed the contrasts between the keyboard rock sections and the more orchestral ones. I don't really see the tie to ELO, except that some of the instrumentation is the same. But I've never listened to much ELO, except to keep my girlfriend (big ELO fan) happy :)