Romantic Warriors Reviews

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From: Mark Fonda <>
Romantic Warriors - 'Battlefield' (Italy 1993):
Romantic Warriors are the reincarnation of the 70's Italian jazz-rock group "Arti E Mestieri" featuring keyboard great Beppe Crovella and drummer Furio Chirico along with several guest performers. Crovella had been manager for such notable Italian prog groups as "Calliope", "Syndone" and "Il Castello Di Atlante" before taking this symphonic rock trip down memory lane. Armed to the hilt with a battery of keyboards, he recreates the glorious sounds of the 70's with a strong keyboard emphasis... Hammond, Moog, Mellotron, Arp, Yamaha, Roland, Proteus, Emu - you name it. There are some vocals which are in English and are perhaps the only weak point. The 12-track album is mostly pure instrumentals which are truly impressive. The packaging is a beautiful triple-foldout digipak with medieval warriors in armor on their steeds and carrying instruments instead of lances. No website is currently available.

From: drj_saro <>
>Romantic Warriors - 'Battlefield' (Italy 1993)
is this really _that good_. i thought that i had read somewhere that it was very neo-prog (in a _bad_ way) with almost all digital synths...i could be (and hope that i am) wrong, but would appreciate clarification. thanks for your time and attention!

From: "Jeff Marx" <>
You've been misled, lied to, sold a bill of goods, and led down the wrong path. "Battlefield" is an exciting keyboard extraveganza featuring TONS of analog keyboards like Minimoog, Hammond, Mellotron, Sequential, Arp, and Emu plus more! Beppe Crovella is a superb keyboardist...but he should stay far away from the microphone and leave the vocals to others.

From: Mark Fonda <>
Ditto to what Jeff said... if it wasn't for the vocals, which are bordering on cheesy at times, this would be not just very good, but great. I wouldn't rate Crovella's keys up there with Keith Emerson or even Keiko Kumagai but he's good and he plays with good feeling. I'd go for the others on the list that you don't have first if you have any doubts. Who else knows this one?

From: "Richard Stockwell" <>
Hi jeff, Thanks for the thumbs up on Romantic Warriors. What about the 'cool' packaging. Two years ago I ran a prog show on a radio station here in Hamilton, NZ and I always opened the show with the "Battlefield" track. Like sometimes its a battlefield trying to educate people into opening their ears to music beyond the bland.