Rejoice Reviews

From: "alexandre a. s." <>
Very interesting band! The music was composed way long ago, but the band could only record it recently! So you get 70s sympho prog, with a 90s recording quality. Not bad, and all instrumental. (Germany)

From: "Mark Fonda" <>
I have been listening to the self-titled album 'Rejoice' which was recorded in 1996 by two Germans, and produced by Mellow Records via Italy. As Alexandre pointed out a couple months ago, this music was composed in '79-82 but recorded in '85-86. It is all-instrumental except for a few operatic female vocals on the last track. It has some fine keyboard chops reminiscent of Keith Emerson in Tarkus. The keyboard performance is quite good and should appeal to e-Prog enthusiasts. As usual, it is a solid production by Mellow Records.

From: "Alan J. Mallery" <>
I second this, this is a great disc! A must buy for ELP fans..