Pablo 'El Enterrador' Reviews


Probably the most beautiful and sophisticated group from Argentina. They combine a refined classical influence with definite progressive sound and folk with superb vocals and lyrics. Their music is enlightened by a very important sense of melody. The arrangements are inspired by classical music, and include violin and flute sounds that come just in time to enhance excellent guitar parts or even the keyboards. Sometimes, they remind of their compatriots of GALADRIEL. Their first recording "Pablo El Enterrador" appear in 1983 becoming an immediate success. After a long absence, in 1995-1997 they start working in new material that was included in their second album "2" considered by many the best work of the group. This is a Spanish band with a strong neo prog influence. There is a good balance between vocals and instrumental playing. This should appeal to fans of IQ, PENDRAGON and GALAHAD.