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From: RAM <>
"Insane Logic" review: I received my copy of the "Ozone Player" CD a few days ago. I had already heard the MP3 clips on the internet and was ready for a real treat. Otso did not let me down. Otso Pakarinen is not only a master synthesist, he is also a brilliant composer and arranger. I believe Otso can only be compared with the great synthesists of our time, such as Larry Fast, Vangelis, and Wendy Carlos.
Imagine going to bed one night and having a Science Fiction dream, where you visit different worlds and meet different civilizations. You wake up in the morning still shaking from the entire experience. Well, this music is exactly what you would expect to hear during your long voyage. Otso takes you and your mind into a magical realm where you are no longer on earth, and maybe not even in your own body. This wonderful album is a must-have in every Electronic-Prog listener's collection.
Otso is a member of this list and we're lucky to be able to speak with him. So please take advantage of this now, since you may not be able to in the future. Also please visit his web-site.
Warning: Do not mix this music with any hallucinogens.

From: "upnsm0ke" <> Subject: Ozone Player reviewed in Keyboard
Otso, here's what Jim Aikin had to say about your CD, _Insane Logic_, in the January 2001 issue of Keyboard. --E-Man

From: "Luna Negra, S.C." <> Subject: RE: translate short CD review (Finnish to English)?
> Hey, could someone Spanish-speaking e-Prog listmember translate this for me: http://www.eufonia.net/html/ozone_player.html
Here it is: According to Otso Pakarinen (Ozone Player) the author, the music in this disc has been influenced by Peter Hamilton's literary trilogy "The Night's Dawn", whose first novel is called "The Reality Dysfunction": I've been looking into this book today and -shifting a little- dysfunctional reality is what we've got in front of us.. In a good sense. Ozone Player delivers a very intelligent musical ambient. This is a very much interesting disc to listen to either you like the style or not. Technology and those who know how to use it, present a lot of ways for creativity. If we add up a creative mind the result is as interesting as "Insane Logic". The Finnish Pakarinen goes through the "classic" (?) electronic themes like "Whales in Fog" or "Shipping" to a complete atmosphere with telephone sounds, night sounds, etc, as is "The Reality Dysfunction", that could be like a soundtrack, and my favorite "Casino Mobile" (this will give you an idea of how Yes or Jon & Vangelis will sound with a "voice" in a Roland, well not exactly) and the development on the whole disc. Remarkable track are "Praise", "Insane Logic" as well as "Warezz" and "Transport?!" that give a rounded touch to the whole disc. Reviewed by Ciro Vel?quez, Octubre 21st., 2001 A very good review, by the way. And, hey Otso can you please translate for the the NARANJA MECANICA review on Colossus Magazine???

From: RAM <>
Date: Sun Jan 12, 2003 4:02 pm Subject: Ozone Player - E - Otso Pakarinen
The first time I heard any music by "Ozone Player" was on a compilation CD. I realized then and there, that I was listening to a true synthesizer master, and I wanted to hear more. I have since gotten hold of "Insane Logic", which was one of my favorite albums in the year 2000, and more recently the album "E", which is on my top-10 list for the year 2002. Otso Pakarinen is not only one of my favorite musicians, he is also the greatest living synthesist that I know of. His music always takes you into a different universe...his universe. And there you'll find a strange kind of beauty, that can sometimes be overpowering, and at other times, seductive and alluring. Ozone Player's latest release "E" contains two of the best musical pieces I've heard in the year 2002. They're titled "Broken Code" and "Saurus," and they continue to charm me to this very day. Otso is in the same ranks as Tangerine Dream, Walter Carlos, Vangelis, and Larry Fast. If you've never heard Otso's music before, but have loved the works of other synthesizer masters, then do yourself a BIG favor and get Ozone Player. Otso is today's Grand Master of the synthesizer!

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Date: Mon Jan 13, 2003 2:19 pm Subject: Re: [e-Prog] Ozone Player - E - Otso Pakarinen
You have to check out his Jeeves Bond EP. Good stuff.