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From: "Jeff Marx" <>
I've been finding lots of Le Orme in Tower's 'World Music' sections in several stores; Le Orme being another highly-regarded seventies prog outfit from Italy who are still putting out albums and touring. Le Orme's early seventies stuff is worth checking out; especially "Felona E Serona" and "Contrappunti" for great vocals/guitar/synth/organ interplay.

From: "Andrew J. Rozsa"
I am just starting on Le Orme, with 'Florian.' (thanks, Larry) I hope you have discovered Vinyl Magic's Le Orme page at:  and the fan page at:  "Il Fiume (The River)," "Amico di Ieri (Yesterday's Friend)," and a sampler ('Le Piu Belle Canzoni' - The Most Beautiful Songs) are available for $8 a piece from Vinyl Magic. Good prices, eh? Everything else ever produced is
between $12 and $16. Some original LPs are more expensive. I was impressed by their service and the prices are very decent.

From: Robert  LaDuca <>
"Felona e Serona"- Le Orme ('overblown?').  No, just one of the best progressive rock works ever to emerge from the Italian peninsula.  Simply stunning.   Would have to be one of top 10 ever.

I share the same opinion as Dr. Robert L. Duca, "Felona e Sorona" is one of the best works ever made in prog rock, it contains everything that's necessary to a real symphonic rock piece. It's indeed a great work.

I've gotta agree with this. FeS was my introduction to Le Orme 20-some years ago. It's still my favorite LO (though I own only 8 of them).

From: "Grant Penton" <>
I prefer the Hammill lyrics of the anglicized 'Felona & Serona' (and the Sinfield treatments of PFM's '73 & '74 releases)- any chance that's also available on CD?   I've got a great cassette copy of it, along with excerpts from a few of the ealy LPs, up to 'Contrapunti'.  Favourite still though is Banco's 'Darwin'.

Another good band is Le Orme, an Italian band. I only have a couple of their albums, Felona And Sorona (I have the scarce English version on vinyl, if you ever see this GRAB IT!!!) and Contrapuntii. Lots of great organ, piano and synth playing. Most of the time the vocals are in Italian, if you can deal with that (I have no problem with it, I actually PREFER foreign language vocals), then I suggest you grab it. Their singer has a great voice and is quite a fine bassist as well.

From: Jeff Marx <>
I think Il Fiume was released 2 years ago...I've had it for about 8 months. I still find it a "must buy" for fans of Le Orme...Aldo's vocals a still very strong after all these years, and the dual keyboardists work well in tandem. Their set on the Progfest '97 album is likewise not to be missed IMHO.

From: "upnsm0ke" <>
Released late '97, I believe. A must-have? Absolutely. The coollest Italian prog band I'd heard since Goblin...something about NOT being fluent in Italian (re: vox) makes for even better listening, believe it or not. Mama Mia!

From: Jeff Marx <>
Well, Uomo Di Pezza, Felona E Sorona, and Contrappunti all run fairly close in terms of keyboard quality and quantity. I give Uomo Di Pezza a slight nod over the other more well-known albums. But I've only had UDP for a few weeks, whereas I've owned the others for a much longer period of time, so I may be slightly biased in it's favor.

From: Mark Fonda
Il Fiume is an absolutely beautiful album with lots of great melodies and vocals in the traditional Italian style. It was produced in 1996, 15 years after their last album. There are two keyboardists, neither of which were in the original line-up, but the guitar/vocalist, Aldo Tagliapietra and drummer, Michi Dei Rossi are still in fine form. The album is very consistent and well produced.

From: gianluca renoffio <>
Le Orme is one of the most important (and historical) band in Italy (with Banco e PFM) for progressive rock. It's still active with a CD in 1996 (titled "Il fiume"). But to start with its music it's necessary to listen to "Collage" and "Uomo di Pezza". the two albums that, with Felona&Sorona, were really milestones for italian scene. In Collage the titletrack and 'Sguardo verso il cielo', in Uomo di pezza the titletrack and 'La porta chiusa' are very interesting but all the album are beautiful. It's interesting (but less than the previous) "Contrappunti". really close to EL&P taste (a lot of keyboards). The web site of the band is: http://leorme.alma.it

From: "all4rains" <> Subject: Re: Metanoia (was...Re: RE: MexProg )
I received my monthly package from Greg at Syn-Phonic a couple of days ago & got both newies from Nexus ("Metanoia") & Le Orme ("Elementi"). I'm still absorbing both, but a few quick impressions:"Elementi": I've always had a soft spot for Le Orme. Along with ELP, Yes, & King Crimson, they were one of the first bands to introduce me to prog "back in the day". Their records were extremely hard to find here & I used to have to order their vinyl on import here from a local shop. The shop manager used to tip me off on when they'd have a new release available, & I use to really look forward to those things showing up. Well, as we all know, as the time went on those Le Orme releases got less & less interesting, & pretty soon I'd all but given up on them. 1996's "Il Fiume" had Orme back on track & I once again anticipated new Le Orme music. "Elementi" is here, & it's continues Orme's tradition of fine music. "Elementi" is very much like "Il Fiume" stylistcly, maybe a little proggier, but pretty similar. It's a gorgeous production, with a great spit-shine polish & an impeccable mastering. Aldo Tagliapietra is in fine voice here, & has one of the the most romantic & expressive voices in progdom, IMO. The dual keys are breathtaking, weaving a great tapestry of piano, C3, & synths that go from beautiful, quiet passages to roaring, Emerson-esque heights. I almost prefer the "new & improved" Orme sound over the Tony Pagliuca era one (BTW, whatever happened to Mr. Pagliuca? Anyone?). I'm assuming that there's a concept or theme with the album, but since the booklet is entirely in Italian, I'm not quite sure what it might be...and this stupid little incidental bit at the very end of the 7th track ("Lord Of The Dance") where the wailing C3 morphs & decays into a clap of thunder knocks me out. :) Great, great stuff. A great year for all us 'board freaks, huh? Now if I could just find a copy of the new Cairo........

From: "all4rains" <> Subject: Re: Top 10 of 2001 (preliminary ;-)
Christian Bekhuis wrote: <<1 Le Orme - Elementi...
[ask me again in a few months time in this could be an entirely different list... euh... except for Le Orme]
LOL...right there with you, Christian! "Elementi" is quite an impressive piece of work! I picked it as my favorite album of 2001 as well....can't wait to for Orme at NEARfest!