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From: Christian Bekhuis <> Date: Mon Dec 15, 2003 11:50 am Subject: Re: Nexus
Metanoia is IMHO superior to Detras Del Umbral. Their debut and the way the tracks were laid out (songs alternated by instrumentals) and the fact that most instrumental tracks by the end of the album start to sound very samey, made this album in the long run, not a 100% success for me. Metanoia improves in that field because the instrumental sections are more varied and incorporated within the songs.
> i enjoyed them at nearfest too, [...]
I did too up untill the moment their keyboardplayer thought it was time for a solo-section. To me, that sounded like he was just demonstrating all the different sounds he could get out of his boards.. Even worse, it sounded like a soundcheck.

From: "Luna Negra S.C." <>
BTW, do you know that NEXUS, yes NEXUS is scheduled for Baja Prog 2000 in Mexicali?

Nexus is confirmed for Rio Art Rock Festival 99 (11 and 12 December) . IMO they will be the best show. The CD Detras Del Umbral is highly, highly recommend. Please see the review at

From: Richard Zywotkiewicz ] 
I have to say that the NEXUS cd blew me away on first listen. Unfortunately, I've not had time to listen to it again, but it will be an experience. All that I recall is a nice blend of vocal, instrumental, Keyboard, and guitar. Some hard patches, and very beautiful melodic ones are blended together. Very symphonic and polished, yet with an "old" prog feel to it. The other thing I recall was that it never let up. For 74 minutes it was equally strong without weak areas. A really great cd!

The Keyboardist has ELP influences in some tracks, maybe because of the similar tone keys, mainly organ. Nice art work.

From: "Dr. Robert L. La Duca" <>
Hey has anyone out there heard Nexus, from Argentina? Scintillating keyboard prog with Latin-flair guitar and a husky female singer to DIE mine from Laser's Edge, One of the best things I've heard this year!

From: Mark Fonda
Me too!!! I like it for just those reasons... colossal keyboards and luscious female vocals in Spanish. I put it on my e-Prog Top 30 (or 40...) already.

From: "Richard Zywotkiewicz" <>
Yes, Nexus is one of my favourites of the year, even though I still have only heard it once all the way through.

Nexus- "Detras del Umbral":  Without a doubt one of last years best releases, it's a great mix of Solaris, PLP, ELP & Yes influences, with a surprisingly fresh approach. The band are a 5 piece from Argentina, with some wonderful vocals in Spanish from singer Mariela Gonzalez. Her voice is similar to Magdalena Hagberg's of PLP, maybe even stronger. This is keyboardist Lalo Huber's show though--some of the best synth playing in recent memory, IMO. The ensemble playing is tight & the arrangements are top-notch. These guys are going to surprise a lot of people at NearFest, & their cds won't last long on the vendor's tables. :) Jeff's got some sound samples up on his site if you're interested. Highly recommended stuff.

From: Carlos Lima <> And I reply: Nexus? It seams that you're listening to very good bands also :-) Great! These Argentinean band is one of my favourites from the neo-prog scene. The only trouble is that the keyboardist and composer - Lallo Hubber - is so good that I sometimes forgot to pay attention to the superb singing from Mariela. And I even have some advantage: I can understand Spanish! Nexus is also an highly recommended band to everyone from this list. Just give them a try! Lallo Hubber (keyboardist and main composer) is the "perfect" mix of Emerson and Wakeman :-)

From: "Mark Fonda" <> Subject: NexusFan Letter Nr 2
From: To all good music lovers in the world!!! NexusFan proudly informs you that Nexus has just arrived home from their triumphant USA/Mexico tour, where they performed in two of the most important progressive festivals in the world, NEARfest 2000 (NortEast Art Rock Festival) and MexProg 2000 sharing the bill with bands like Happy the Man, Transatlantic, Anekdoten, Le Orme and Il Balletto di Bronzo, among others, going beyond anyone's expectations and enthralling both American and Mexican audiences!!!. What's more, they began to prepare their second album "Metanoia", which according to what we heard in rehearsals, will be really fabulous!!! For those who live in Buenos Aires, don't miss "El Sue? de Issildur" radio show next Friday, July 21st at 10 pm on the 87.5 La Radio FM, where the band will be present talking about the American tour and the new record.
"...My name is Tammie, and I just got back from NEARfest 2000 in Pennsylvania, and from seeing/hearing/meeting you guys for the first time....and I wanted to say thank you. Wow!!!! What a wake up call! You guys were awesome! Don't know how a huge progressive rock fan like myself could have missed you all these years..." written by Tammie L Nicholas (USA)
"...I just would like to thank you for the wonderful show you just put on at NEARfest. You were among the top performers there IMO and hopefully you have increased your fans. I got your CD and am looking forward to your next. (A new fan)..." written by Jeff Wilson Paterson (USA)
"...My friends and I had the pleasure of seeing your band, Nexus, perform on Sunday at NEARFest. I just wanted to relay to you once again how much I really enjoyed your music. I truly thought your band was the best one over the entire weekend (and from last year's NEARFest as well), your music is entirely the kind of music I love to listen to. Your music was completely beautiful and melodic. I particularly enjoyed "Condemned", "Beyond the Limit", and "Age of Unreason." Even though your band has been around for years, this was my first opportunity to hear your music, and I can honestly say that your CD is the best one I've heard in YEARS, out of any musical genre..." written by Suzanne M. Dashiell (USA)
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From: "all4rains" <> Subject: Re: Metanoia (was...Re: RE: MexProg )
I received my monthly package from Greg at Syn-Phonic a couple of days ago & got both newies from Nexus ("Metanoia") & Le Orme ("Elementi"). I'm still absorbing both, but a few quick impressions:
"Metanoia": The first time I played "Detras del Umbral" I was blown away; I thought it was an incredible debut album that would be hard to top. Nexus have done just that, & in spades. This is a monster album. The sound of "DdU" is still there, but Nexus have taken it in a slighty heavier direction this time around (ie: bigger guitar sound). Some of the massive arrangements border on GothProg at times. Lots of great contrasting dynamics. Mariela Gonzalez's vocals are captivating, & it's a nice touch to have the English translation in the booklet. Lalo Huber's keyboard work is killer! Synth sound is the best around today, IMHO, & Lalo's almost got his Hammond patch down this time. (My one complaint about "DdU" was that funky, Vitalij Kuprij-ish feaux-Hammond patch Lalo used...uggh.) Get your money's worth too, as the disc clocks in at about 72 & a half minutes. Going to be playing this one quite a bit here...highly recommended.

From: "Jeff Marx" <> Subject: Metanoia (was...Re: RE: MexProg )
I'd like to say alot more about this after I've absorbed it some more...but after 3 listens, I know for sure it's one of the most astonishing albums I've heard since the 70's. A long sucker whole concept piece in 13 tracks, 72 minutes long. Everything that was top-notch in their first album is surpassed here. A no-brainer e-progessential purchase :)

From: Mariano Bugar? <> Subject: Nexus - Metanoia
Thanks to everyone for your comments. It seems I'll have to give it a try. I saw them for the first time as a supporting act for The Flower Kings here in Buenos Aires back in December and really liked their set, even though I didn't quite enjoy Mariela's way of singing (though her voice is great).Too bad you had the chance to get their CD before us here in Argentina!!!

From: Subject: Re: MexProg
I first heard of Nexus on the Studio M internet broadcast of Nearfest 2000.= Great band! I picked up Metanoia at last weekend's NearFest. Wow! In my= opinion, it's their finest work to date! Even heavier keyboard presence th= an their previous works...  I give it a high purchase recommendation.

From: "Jeff Marx" <> Subject: Re: 2001 Top 10
Nexus are from Argentina, lucious female vocals in Spanish, with the emphasis on high-intensity, bombastic classic prog. Definitely one of the best current groups that combine ELP and Yes 70's styles, but without Jon Anderson's eclectic lyrics/vocal style. They are by no means clones of the above groups, but a true progression forward stylistically, they certainly have their own unique guitar/keyboards approach. 74-minute concept albums don't come along everyday, here it works wonderfully - which makes Metanoia a future-classic album in my mind.