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From: "nearfest" <> Date: Fri Sep 19, 2003 3:40 pm
Subject: METAMORFOSI to make U.S. debut at NEARfest 2004
NEARfest is very pleased to announce the 3rd band for NEARfest 2004, the classic Italian symphonic progressive rock band Metamorfosi. Led by the stunning analog keyboards of composer Enrico Olivieri and the powerful baritone of virtuoso vocalist Jimmy Spitaleri, Metamorfosi recorded "Inferno" in 1972. In "Inferno", influenced by Dante Alighieri's timeless work of literature, Metamorfosi created a timeless and absolutely essential progressive rock album. Greg Northrup (The Giant Progweed website) writes: "There are moments on this album that simply defy explanation; hellish, beautiful passages that climax in thunderous passion with the overwhelming vocals. The melodies on here are absolutely spellbinding, exhuming blood and fire by way of searing Moog lines and savage Hammond riffs. Inferno is catchy, energetic and easy to get into, yet has a brilliance of composition and passionate feel that surpasses anything ELP ever did, while retaining the bombast and energy of that group. Phenomenal". In the early 2000s Metamorfosi reunited with Olivieri and Spitaleri still at the helm. The band will release the long-awaited "Paradiso", the companion work to their earlier magnum opus, late in 2003. Metamorfosi will be making their U.S. debut at NEARfest 2004 with a performance consisting of both "Inferno" and "Paradiso" in their entirety. The band will treat symphonic rock fans to an unforgettable keyboard-led tour-de-force during its set at NEARfest 2004.
Rob LaDuca; President, NEARfest 2004; July 10 & 11, 2004; Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University; Bethlehem, PA

From: Mark Fonda
Metamorfosi are great! They only put out two albums: E FU IL SESTO GIORNO and INFERNO (both in 1972) before splitting up. Inferno is by far the better of the two. Classic Italian prog at its best with gobs of organ, piano, harpsichord, minimoog & mellotron, tight percussion and bass, with light vocals in Italian. They're like an Italian Triumvirat! Having said that, now that I do a little research... no wonder, they had a different lineup for Inferno which allowed keyboard player Enrico Olivieri to shine through. It is a concept album based on Dante's 'Divine Comedy'. I need to listen a little closer because it supposedly has rock versions of the American and Soviet national anthems. The first album was more of a highlight for their lead singer, Jimmy Spitaleri, who went on to record with a band called Thor. They broke up because Inferno did not have very good sales at the time, but it is now considered one of the great classic Italian prog masterpieces. I like Inferno better than anything I've heard from Banco or PFM.  Highly recommended!

From: Jeff Marx
I'll just wholeheartedly agree Mark--Italian Triumvirat indeed; far more dynamic than PFM, the moog work shows great imagination and chops. I've been starting in on Italian prog the last month or so and this album is my favorite. Too bad they were so short-lived a group--way recommended...

From: Luca <>
>Does anyone happen to know if Metamorfosi's Enrico Olivieri did anything after "Inferno?" Seems a real shame if he didn't.
Metamorfosi came back in 1998 with a new album called "Paradiso", the sequel of Inferno and they had a great concert in Rome this August. This one can help you (from the Metamorfosi fan club):
Dear Metamorfosi Friend, We are happy to inform you that Metamorfosi had a concert in Foro Italico of Rome last 2 August 98. We performed for the first time Paradiso from the Divine Comedy (our latest composition). It was a big success and the audience requested for an encore. For the encore we did a part of Inferno from "Selva Oscura" to "Spacciatori di Droga". On 16 September 98 (next week), we will perform in Testaccio Village Season together with Le Orme. We will play Paradiso again. We sincerely hope that you can come to see our performance. Otherwise, you will soon hear Paradiso on the CD which will be available within this year. Thank you for your attention. METAMORFOSI
to tell you the truth "Paradiso" is not yet available, but when it would be released I will let you know.I'm very impatient as you, I think. Ah, to subscribe to the Metamorfosi fan club you can go to their homepage: (see above) or just subscribe your personal details (name, address, zip code, country, telephone, e-mail) to : . The last interesting thing, the Dear Metamorfosi friend... you read above was written by Enrico Olivieri himself...

Metamorfosi ~ "Inferno" is another incredible example of what Italian 'prog' was capable of in the early 70's. Quietness blended among rampaging harpsichord, piano, demented synth work and organ. The vocals of Jimmy Spitaleri are a highlight.

From: "Michele D'Ambrosio" <>
I've personally met Gianni Leone and Jimmy Spitaleri (now we are good friends). The incredible is that Metamorfosi have just done the following of Inferno (trans: hell) named Paradiso (The Paradise): really wonderful !! Unfortunately isn't available at record's shop because there are some problem with producer

From: "amfonda" <> Subject: Metamorfosi's 1st CD
Cross-post from :
dnght734 wrote: > I'm new to the group,and I have been reading the posts from the past. I came across this one regarding Metamorfosi. I had the same question about their first LP, so it was good to get opinions about it from people. Brian wrote in a follow up that he likes the singer's voice. The singer is Davide Spitaleri. He did a solo album that is available from Greg Walker and Doug Larson. I don't recall how much I like it, but I do think it is worth having. Regards, Dave
From: Bluepus <> Subject: Re: Metamorfosi's 1st/Area CDs I have just been spinning through E Fu Il Sesto Giorno (Metamorphosi's 1st) several times during the cristmas, and have concluded that it's barely worth having. It's got a couple of great tracks, but mostly the songs are very simple, and not very italian sounding. The parts of the lyrics that I understand tell me it's a very religious album, and some of the songs could easily have been traditional negro spirituals in rock-form. Actually the singer is the only reason to buy this album, as he's absolutely fantastic. Stian

From: David Eric Shur <> Subject: Metamorfosi's 1st CD
> I have just been spinning through E Fu Il Sesto Giorno > (Metamorphosi's 1st) several times during the cristmas, and have concluded that it's barely worth having. Stian
That's the way I feel about Inferno. A member of this group was kind enough to burn me a copy and trade, and boy, was I bitterly disappointed. Poor song composition. The playing was OK, it was just the material that was bad.

From: "Jeff Marx" <> Subject: Re: Metamorfosi's 1st CD just goes to show you how wide the viewpoints can vary in our prog community. The creativity and use of synthesizers and hammond, the strong vocal presence, and the pure mood of the music makes "Inferno" one of my most treasured CDs.

From: "Andrew J. Rozsa" <> Subject: Re: Metamorfosi's 1st CD
> just goes to show you how wide the viewpoints can vary in our prog >community. [.......]
Yet another dimension that adds variability is time..... I have listened to many an album and considered it mediocre or bad, only to come back to it 1 or 2 years later and absolutely love it.  I find "inferno" utterly enjoyable... always have.... after the second listening. :-))

From: Luca <>
At 14.21 20/04/00 -0700, you wrote: >Luca wrote: >> >> As Metamorfosi's "Inferno" is my all time favourite italian prog album I >> would try to translate the lyrics from Italian to English so that anybody >> could understand what Spitaleri sing. My knowledge of English is not so >> excellent, but I hope someone can appreciate my effort. (Jeff Marx is one of >> this, isn't it?). I attached it as a Word file. >> >Yes, definitely in my Italiprog top three Luca, and I've always wanted a >translation, so I'd certainly appreciate and salute your efforts, but I >think you forgot to attach the file! :) BTW...where is Paradiso? I >thought it was supposed to come out last year? Have you heard it? > >Waiting in glorious anticipation,
I haven't any news for Paradiso, unfortunately.
As for the translation, I'm sure I attached the metamorfosi.doc file, but if there are some problems I put down it in this e-mail...



Sulle rovine di antiche citt?br> crescono fiori senza colore.
Alberi tristi tendono al cielo
rami corrosi dal tempo.

On the ruins of ancient cities
flowers grow without color.
Sad trees stretch to the sky
coppers corroded from the time.
Porta dell'Inferno
Lasciate ogni speranza
O voi ch'entrate, anime dannate,
al caldo e al gelo soffrirete!
Hell's door
Left every hope
you that entered, damned spirits,
to the warmth and ices you will suffer!
Caronte demonio, occhi di fuoco nel buio.
"? e non sperate mai di rivedere il cielo,
anime nere al fuoco eterno brucerete!"
Caronte demonio
Charon fire demon, eyes in the dark.
 "... and never hoped see again the sky,
black spirits to the eternal fire will burn! "
Charon demon
Spacciatore di droga
Ora che imprechi per la rabbia ed il dolore
Tu, spacciatore di droga, piangerai.
Sei condannato alle tenebre pi?dure
E le illusioni che tu davi non avrai.
Occhi spenti nel vuoto stan cercando di te,
larve umane di un mondo privo d'ogni realt?
Quante volte han sofferto per la tua avidit?
ma non ?col denaro che ora tu pagherai.
Drug dealer
Now that you swear for the anger and the pain
You, drug dealer, will cry.
You are condemned to the harder darknesses
and the illusions that you gave you will not have.
Eyes extinguished in empty are looking for you,
human larves of a world lacking of every truth.
How many times they had suffered for your greed,
but is not with the money that now you will pay
"Siamo dannati insieme,
soffriamo queste pene
e non ritorneremo indietro mai.
Amanti fummo in vita
del vizio e del piacere
e non ritorneremo indietro mai."
Siete dannati insieme,
soffrite queste pene
e non ritornerete indietro mai.
Perversi ed invertiti,
amanti proibiti
voi non ritornerete indietro mai!
" We are damned entirety,
we suffer these pains
and we will never come back.
Lovers we were while still alive
of the defect and of the pleasure
and we will not come back never. "
You are damned entirety,
you suffer these pains
and you will never come back.
Perverted and inverted,
forbidden lovers
you will never come back!
"Non ho mai pregato io
il denaro era il mio Dio
ed ?qui che dovr?pagare."
Quante volte hai goduto nel vedere
la gente cadere, eri cieco e dovrai pagare.
" I have never prayed
the money was my God
and it's here that I will have to pay. "
How many times you have enjoyed in seeing
people to fall, you were blind and you will have to pay.
Rosso scorre il sangue
tra i sentieri dove ?fragile la vita.
Sole infuocato di un giorno d'agosto
quando sfum?la sua vita.
Cadde colpito da due canne mozze
perch?ti aveva tradito.
Col sasso in bocca egli fu ritrovato
dentro quel campo d'arance.
Dopo due giorni l'intero villaggio
segu?le ultime esequie.
Lenta una folla cammina
seguendo un altare di morte.
Piange una donna che sola ?rimasta
a lottare in silenzio.
Nero ?il velo sul volto
che copre due lacrime di dolore.
Red the blood
between the paths slides where the life is fragile.
Heated sun of an August day
when its life vanished.
It fell hit from two truncated canes
because he had betrayed you.
With the pebble in mouth it was found
on that field of oranges.
After two days the entire village
followed the last funeral.
Slow a crowd walks
following an altar of death.
A woman cries who single is remained
to fight in hush.
Black it is the veil on the face
that covers two tears of pain.
Grande mari di lamenti
di ombre smarrite nel buio
di una notte senza fine
dove si perde l'inganno.
Volti bianchi, sguardi assenti
occhi segnati dall'odio.
Malebolge, Malebolge,
nere prigioni del pianto.
Large seas of complaints
of shadows lost in the dark
of a night without end
where the deceit gets lost.
Faces white men, looks absent
eyes marked from hatred.
Malebolge, Malebolge,
black prisons of complaint.
Con la mani da padrone
hai sfruttato la mia gente.
Hai tagliato il loro grano
con la falce della legge.
Hai lasciato in pasto al mondo
donne, giovani creature,
vecchi con la morte dentro il cuore,
uomini dal sole ormai bruciati.
Con la mani da padrone
hai sfruttato la mia gente.
Ma in un lago di sudore
ora affondi lentamente.
With the hands of the master
you have taken advantage of my people.
You have cut their grain
with the scythe of the law.
You have left in meal the world
women, young people creatures,
old with the death inside the heart,
men from the sun by now burnt.
With the hands of master
you have taken advantage of my people.
But in a sweat lake
now you sinks slowly.
Hai disprezzato un uomo
per renderlo tuo schiavo.
Sui campi di cotone
pi?curva ?la sua schiena.
Lavora uomo negro!
Suda! Piangi! Muori!
Uomini mascherati, setta di dannati
infissi a queste croci
adesso voi bruciate!
You have despised a man
to make him your slave.
On the cotton fields
more curve is its back.
Work black man!
Sweat! Cry! Die!
Masked men, schism of damned
fixtures to these crosses
now you burn!
Lucifero (Politicanti)
Immersi in questo mare,
voi gelerete in eterno,
"Signori presidenti"
con la vostra politica
avete tessuto ogni inganno
e tradito l'ideale dell'uomo.
Sul trono della morte
mostruoso imperatore
maciulli quei dannati
sfogando la tua rabbia.
E mi si gela il sangue
pensando al nostro Inferno.
Lucifero (Petty politicians)
Dipped in this sea,
you will freeze in eternal,
"Gentleman presidents "
with your politics
you have woven every deceit
and betrayed the ideal of the man.
On the throne of the death
monstrous emperor
you scutch those damned
venting your anger.
And the blood is frosted in myself
thinking next to ours Hell.
? e fu cos?che noi tornammo
a riveder le stelle.
and it was therefore that we returned
to see again the stars.