Louie Mastro Reviews

From: Jeff Marx
Louie Mastro (Mermaid in the Mist) is a keyboardist influenced by Emerson, Wakeman, and Banks, who plays nice thickly-layered symphonic tracks, along with Vocalist-Guitarist Jay Tausig. The vocals sound very influenced by Greg Lake and Pink Floyd so there are a variety of styles on this album for anyone who likes good keyboard instrumental prog. Mastro plays piano, organ, mellotron, moog and other synths, drums, and flute.  Highly recommended.

From: Craig Shipley
Well, if what I remember from the Camel mailing list Louie Mastro DID all of this stuff, 'cuz he's dead. Heart attack, I think. This all came out from one of the discussions that went on there with a Mr. Stan Rosenthal (aka Stan and The Sequencers) who claimed that Mr. Mastro "lifted" Stan's MIDI version of a Camel tune for the Mellow Records Camel tribute CD set "Harbour Of Joy". I have no reason to believe that Stan was not telling the truth... Did not know that the late Mr. Mastro had a CD out. Might be worth checking out. Thanks for the info!

From: Mark Fonda <>
from my rec.music.progressive post:
>Can anyone confirm the rumor that Louie Mastro, American keyboardist from the Bronx, who produced a fine prog rock CD 'Mermaid in the Mist' (1996), has passed away from cancer?? His e-mail address is valid, but there is no response and his website does not indicate anything of the sorts.
Louie Mastro committed suicide a few days after last Xmas. 2 weeks after I've published his only album. A great loss for Mellow and for the whole progressive world.   Mauro Moroni 
Progzine wrote: (John Collinge of Progession Magazine)
Louie Mastropasqua died about two years ago from an overdose of prescription drugs.