Locanda delle Fate Reviews

From: drj_saro
the bands that i am constantly hyping to my "prog-friends" right now are Quella Vecchia Locanda and Locanda Delle Fate from Italy who both take the sort-of Chamber Music/slightly folky side of early Genesis and develop it as only the Italians can develop Prog! QVL is slightly folky-er, they have two albums, the first (self-titled) is very good, but the second (il Tempo della Gioia) is fantastic. LDF is slightly more "classical", they only have one album that i know of (there _is_ a "LIVE" CD, but i had been warned of it's bootleg quality). i have appended notes on these 3 CDs...
Locanda Delle Fate - forse le lucciole non si amano pui; (p) 1977 Polygram Italia; CD (remastered 1994): Polydor 523688-2; 7 album tracks + 1 bonus, 7 member band, vocals, drums, vibes, bass, hammond, guitars, vocals, flute, guitars, vocals, keys, keys; overall, reminds of Foxtrot/Nursury Cryme period Genesis
track one (6 minutes +): great interplay between keys (mainly piano & organ, some synth) & guitar, some guitar parts remind of Steve Hackett. also nice flute in the middle. no vocals
track two (almost 10 minutes): starts with piano and vibes, vocals come in...deep, pleaseant voice, harpsichord in background, Hackett-guitar comes back (very fuzzy), more piano, more flute, more harpsichord, great fast & jazzy middle-section. drumming is really tasty.
track three (8 minutes plus): opens with really nice bass-line, with warbelling synth-tones, another vocal, different sort of guitar part, bass is really a lead instrument thru this track, a little bit of flute, great "technical" keyboard solo with guitar counterpoint.
track four (6 minutes plus): acoustic guitar and vocal to start, add piano, then synth-strings, bass, Hackett-guitar, flute, ect...
track five (4 minutes +): flute, doubled with synth-flute, Rock-n-Roll Guitar, vocals, piano, Hackett-guitar, great synth solo, etc...
track six (3.5 minutes): acoustic guitar, fretless bass, soft vocals, bells/chimes, this one _really_ reminds me of the best of the softer side of classic Genesis.
track seven (9.5 minutes): _wonderful_ piano, fretless bass, flute, Hakcett-guitar, vocals, really great flute solo over _deep_ organ chords, later there is another great "technical" excursion on multiple keyboards, followed by a great Hackett-guitar solo.
track eight (4.5 minutes): bubbling layers of synth, add acoustic & Hackett-guitar, fretless bass, chorused vocals, not many changes in this one, but very nice none-the-less.   Quella Vecchis Locanda - (see separate review page) i just _LOVE_ these CDs!!!

From: Mike De Lang <> > Re: Locanda delle Fate - After reading the article in the recent Progression magazine I'm tempted to get their first cd Forse----;anyone out there recommend this cd? Get it! One of the many absolute must haves of the Italian prog scene.

From: Gianluca Renoffio <> Yes, it's a good CD in the first "Banco del Mutuo Soccorso" mood. Also if it was published in 1978 (more or less) it represents one of the classic progressive rock album in Italy with Darwin (BMS), Per un amico (PFM) Collage and Felona and Sorona (Orme)...

From: "Richard Zywotkiewicz" <> Hot! Very Hot! BTW, STEVE, I heard the second Locanda (Homo Homini Lupus) is really poppy and not very good. It came out more recently.

From: Brandon Wu <> They put out two other albums and neither are worth your time, I'd say. First there's "Live" on Mellow, recorded in 1977 (but only released in the past decade I think), which has good performances of the studio stuff from "Forse", but the sound quality is absolutely awful. Then there's "Homo Homini Lupus", the new one that just came out last year, and apparently it's slick adult-contemporary pop.