Attila Kollar Reviews

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From: "Richard Stockwell"
Arrived in today at Cranium Music is the new solo release by Attila Kollar (Flutist of Solaris). Called "Musical Witchcraft" it includes other Solaris members plus friends. This release is one of the top five progressive highlights of 1998 and is full of beautiful flute playing. Tracks include:
1/Musical Witchcraft Suite
Part 1 Wanderers From The 15th Century
Part 2 The Dark Middle Ages
Part 3 Poseidon
Part 4 Ba'rock'
2/ Music From The Spheres
3/ Boleriade
4/ Morning Dance In The Garden Of Chenonceau Castle
5/ Silent Man's Prayer
6/ Rocks & Waves From Saint-Malo
7/ Alchemy

From: "Britton Brewer"<>
MUSICAL WITCHCRAFT - This new release will be right near the top of my best of 1998 list. Kollar is the flautist/flutist for Solaris. As such, the flute is the centerpiece for this instrumental album, but the guitar is outstanding as well. I can't say enough about this fine CD!

From: "Mark Fonda"
last played: Attila Kollar - Musical Witchcraft (fabulous flute accompanied by some great rock musicians... much harder rock than Solaris... sort of a Progressive Folk Metal sound. Almost all the members of the 1990 Solaris line-up are on this album. You'd have to say this is Solaris reincarnated with a vengeance).

From: "Andrew J. Rozsa" <> Subject: Re: Would appreciate comments...
>Yes I 'fess that I knew you were right into Hungarian stuff. >Still haven't seen reviews of "Musical Withcraft' or Robert Erdesz solo cd. > (excuse me putting the names in English styled order). >Can you give me feedback on the latter cd?
Musical Witchcraft is brilliant and basically your excellent Solaris cast with even more emphasis on the flute. Absolutely breathtaking in places, but you can't really take my word for it, since these guys can't do wrong by me, no matter what they do. "Zenei Boszorkanykonyha" [aren't you glad they used an English title, too? ;-)] is a bit more 'metallic' than other Solaris. I happen to be angling toward metal, nowadays, in fact I just 'discovered' Savatage.... mainly because I loved the TSO Christmas series.