Walter Holland Reviews

From: Mark Fonda
I have been looking for Walter Holland's out-of-print 'Relativity' CD for quite some time and finally found it on the eBay auction last week. I was the only only one bidding so I got it for the opening bid price. When I contacted the seller, he was none other than Professor Walter Holland himself!! I don't know enough about the music itself to give a worthwhile review so here's what W.H. put in the eBay description:
Here is a pair of Cds that is a collectors dream. ?Relativity? and ?Transience of Love? by Walter Holland. Walter was the driving force behind the successful cult band Amber Route during the seventies. These two instrumental/electronic albums have become landmark collector?s items in the genres of Electronic / Space Music / Progressive. Rarely do you ever see these two albums in the same place, let alone at this price.
I asked Walter if he had any more copies laying around for my fellow listmembers and here's what he wrote:
Thanks for the kind words! It's good to hear that there are still folks interested in real music!:-)
Coriolis officially shut down their retail mail order segment, but as a wholesaler, we still stock all of our own titles, and a few leftover artists from other labels. Enclosed is a list of titles and prices.
Thanks again, I'll check out your site.