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From: Mark Fonda <>
Eloy Fritsch 'Dreams' (1996, Brazil, 11 tracks, 57 min.)
'Dreams' is a solo keyboard production which employs a battery of synthesizers, computers and electronic percussion to produce a full-bodied symphonic electronic rock sound reminiscent of Andy Pickford or Redjy Emond and perhaps some Jean Michele Jarre. He does not list specific instruments, but from the pictures it looks like a mini-Moog and a grand piano are in the arsenal. I believe his synths are all digital (no analog) but there are some very realistic orchestral and choral sounds. The music is very emotional and contains many dramatic build-ups, peaks and respites. It is classically oriented and I don't pick up any Latin sounds... if any, perhaps some oriental influences are present. The production oozes class and there is not one bad moment throughout. This is his debut solo album, but he has been with the Argentinean band Apocalypse since 1991 before moving to Brazil to set up his own studio. He still plays for Apocalypse who have put out 4 albums from 1991 to 1997. (Apocalypse was formed by a group of schoolmates in the early 80's) Here's the track listing for 'Dreams': Space Odyssey, The Motion of  Planets, Saturn, Pity, Crystal, Electronic Dreams, Mystical Ocean, The Hall of Imagination, Firmament, Lost Temple and Progressive Concert. His second release 'Behind the Walls of Imagination' is just out now... I have not heard it, but here's what Archie Patterson of Eurock says about it:
> Eloy’s follow up album to his debut DREAMS ads further dimensions to his sound. The lush symphonic compositions are still prominent, but this time a bit more energy spices up the mix. I hesitate to call this rock, but the overall sound is definitely energetic and contains some of the most amazing keyboard playing I’ve heard in ages. Without a doubt Eloy could play circles around 98% of the other keyboard/synthesists on the scene today. BEHIND THE WALLS OF IMAGINATION will have you totally entranced by its rich melodies and dynamic arrangements. Fans of electronic music and symphonic rock should love it equally. I believe I got 'Dreams' from Eurock http://www.eurock.com/ and although it is not listed in the catalog now, the second CD is, and maybe Archie can still get 'Dreams'. The offical Eloy Fritsch homepage is at: http://www.inf.ufrgs.br/~fritsch/Eloywww.html There are sound clips for both his solo releases.

From: "upnsm0ke" <>
...the sounds are indeed glossy and digital-sounding, which I believe results from generous FX. Eloy's rig is part-analog, I think (looks like an ARP unit in the background pic). Those turned off by all-digital synths should not dismay, as the sound on this CD is VERY full, very lush, etc., but I won't rehash Mark's write-up since my thoughts on this album echo his :-) ...Absolutely. "Saturn" and "Hall of Imagination" are quite juicy.

From: "Mark Fonda" <>
ELOY FRITSCH - BEHIND THE WALLS OF IMAGINATION (Brasil, 1997, 13 tracks, 59 minutes) - Fritsch's debut album (Dreams) really impressed me... and so does this, but it is a step further in the electronic and classical directions... there are still some killer progressive rock tracks, but there are also some more sedate, almost new age sounding tracks.
ELOY FRITSCH - SPACE MUSIC (Brasil, 1998, 10 tracks, 47 minutes) - this moves even further in the direction of e-music and new age.  At only 47 minutes I wonder if Eloy is running out of fresh ideas.  Still very good, but go for the other two albums first.

From: "upnsm0ke" <> Subject: Eloy Fritsch in Keyboard
Anyone catch Apocalypse keyboardist Eloy Fritsch in last month's Keyboard (01/01)? He was the featured artist in Workspace, which is always on the last page. There's some pix of him onstage, and a nice overhead shot of his Wakeman-esque setup (8 synths & a piano - totally boxes himself in): Roland System 700 Modular, JD-800, JV-90, JP-8000; Steinway grand; Korg MS-10, M1, 01/W; Ensoniq MR-76.
Keyboard's site: www.keyboardonline.com  Eloy's site: www.eloyfritsch.cbj.net

From: "Dario Axelrud" <>
Date: Sat Jul 6, 2002 7:50 pm
Subject: Apocalypse & Eloy Fritsch discography
APOCALYPSE - 1991 (Acit/Brazil)
PERTO DO AMANHECER - 1995 (Musea/France)
AURORA DOS SONHOS - 1996 (Musea/France)
LENDAS ENCANTADAS - 1997 (Musea/France)
THE BEST OF APOCALYPSE - 1998 (Atra?o/Brazil)
APOCALYPSE LIVE IN USA - 2000 (Rock Symphony/Brazil)
CIRCUITO DE ROCK - 1989 (NovaTrilha RBS/Brazil)
RIO ART ROCK FESTIVAL - 1999 (Rock Symphony/Brazil)
DREAMS - 1996 (Independent/Brazil)
SPACE MUSIC - 1998 (Dreaming/France)
CYBERSPACE - 2000 (Rock Symphony/Brazil)
MYTHOLOGY - 2001 (Dreaming-Rock Symphony/France-Brazil)