Fonya Reviews

From ....:  Fonya - Wanderers of the Neverending Night is the CD I have and is in the spacey category. To my ears, kind of a cross between Ozric Tentacles or You era Gong and Tangerine Dream. Chris Fornier plays all the instruments and his brother does the vocals. Very nice and ethereal.

From: "Mark Fonda"
np: Fonya 'Upper Level Open Space' (1998) - a real stunner... Chris Fournier has outdone himself with this fabulous e-Prog production... his best ever with plenty of tasty piano, synth, guitar and percussion... all by Chris himself. see

From: Mike De Lang <>
I'm having a hard time improving on your choices for Top 30 keyboard dominated albums but I think Fonya's- Upper Level Open Space should definitely be on there.

From: "Mark Fonda"
Yes, I like Upper Level Open Space the best of any Fonya so far. That's the one I nearly picked for the Top 30.  (Note: after expanding to a Top 50, it is now on the list).

From: David Kuznick <>
> After what I consider a satisfactory purchase in Ad Infinitum, I'm interested in purchasing some more KINESIS label stuff. Any suggestions anyone? It seems Fonya is interesting. Anyone hear this disk?
I find that Fonya suffers from the same disease that the Flower Kings suffer from; below average compositional skills. The sad things is I think musically, the first Fonya disc is the best, but it's severely marred by the atrocious vocals. Unfortunately, when Chris ditched the vocals (good), the music took a downhill turn as well. That being said, I own all the albums except the most recent, play them every once in a while, but they don't hold my attention for very long. They can get very "samey" quickly; even within the same disc.

From: "Stephen & JoAnn Ellis" <>
Ram typed: Another very good album is by Fonya titled "Upper Level Open Space." This is my first Fonya album. I always new this guy was good based on clips I'd heard years ago, but only got around to picking up a CD now. Terrific stuff. I'm an instant fan. If anybody would like to voice their opinions about other Fonya music, I'd love to hear it.
The Captain adds: I have several Fonya CD's but they get little play. Good stuff but just not enuf life in what I've heard. Good but not great.