Flamborough Head Reviews

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From: "Mark Fonda" <>
> np: Flamborough Head - Unspoken Whisper (nice album... next time could they raise your keyboards a little more in the mix, Edo?)
Edo Spanninga (The Netherlands) is one of our e-Progeny artists; he is the keyboardist for the Dutch neo-progressive group Flamborough Head whose debut album "Unspoken Whisper" earned them ?Best New Band 1998? from the Classic Rock Society in England. 'Cathedral Green' is a solo effort by Edo made exclusively for the e-Progeny project. Flamborough Head are also the organizers of the annual progressive rock festival 'Progfarm' (Bakkeven, Holland). See http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Backstage/5383/ The album is very guitar-laden but you can hear Edo's fine keyboard playing peaking through at times...

From: "Edo Spanninga" <>
It's all about the boldheaded keyboardplayer of the Dutch progrockband Flamborough Head, one of the organisers of the annual progfestival 'Progfarm' in the north of The Netherlands and one of the submitters of the e-Prog progalbum. Please visit the Flamborough Head website for more info on our band and Progfarm, you can also download some mp.3 clips of our album Unspoken Whisper, released on Cyclops last year and awarded by the Classic Rock Society, Rotherham, UK.

From: "Carlos Lima" <>  I would like to apologise for, only now, having known this great band that is Flamborough Head :-( The apologies are for our friend Edo, of course... :-) FH are one of the best bands in the neo-prog scene, IMHO, and I would like to know if they have any more albums besides "Unspoken Whisper"? If not, I can't wait for their next release :-) Best "prog" regards and congratulations to Edo. You're really a great keyboardist!

From: "Edo Spanninga" <>  Dear Carlos and all the other E-proggers. Thanks for your kind words on my band Flamborough Head in one of the previous editions of the E-Prog digest. You were wondering if we released any other albums besides Unspoken Whisper. We released a demo cassette somewhere in the Middle Ages, sorry to say it's not available anymore. We hope to release our next album this autumn (on Cyclops), we are now in the process of recording the miditracks on sequencer and we hope to record the audio tracks in June. Mixing will be done in September, we will present the new album at Progfarm 2000 (November 4), our annual progressive rockfestival (this year with Xang/France, Mostley Autumn/UK, Sylvan/Germany, Flamborough Head/NL and a fifth band, we will soon tell which band). I am one of the subscribers of the E-Prog list who is reading the mails, but not contribute a lot myself. Now I am writing a message I would like to thank Mark Fonda for his initiative to start this wonderful list and for the E-Prog cd. I am one of the musicians who contributed to this cd (the track Cathedral Green) and it's marvellous to see people promote progmusic in whatever way. Prog ended up as a marginal, almost obscure subgenre and it is in need of every help it can get. Best wishes.