Doracor Reviews

From: "Jeff Marx" <>
The one-man-band concept is flourishing these days as shown by Emond, Covenant, Mastro(rip Louie)so I give you Doracor's "The Long Pathway." Doracor is Corrado Sardella (oh a word-play!) on various (unidentified) keyboards and synths, synth drums, and synth bass. This 9-track, 61-minute outing has more of a symphonic orchestral feel than Covenant(IMHO), and isn't quite as dark or gothic. Rather, he uses his digital keyboards to paint multi layers of orchestral textures which he then proceeds to dance atop of with nimble-fingered soloing of all kinds using many different lead lines. He's got good speed and chops (justy a touch short of Wakeman's neighborhood. This is a very solid outing, (his second) and I'd rate it a tad below Redjy Emond's superlative "Sphere." This is a '97 release by Mellow.

From: "Britton Brewer"<>
>Jeff asked: "Has anyone heard the new Doracor album?"
I picked up Doracor's ANTICHE IMPRESSIONI at NEARFest and have had a chance to listen to it a few times. I have not heard the two (or is it three?) previous Mellow releases of Doracor, but I was assured by the vendor that this is the best one yet. My admittedly initial impressions are that the album is a nice keyboard workout (with some guitar presence and vocals), but that it: 1. doesn't have the bite of a band like Gerard; 2. is melodic without having any memorable melodies (maybe I just need to listen to it more!); 3. is too digital to have the warmth of the Italian masters. I may warm to the album eventually, but I don't think I'll be buying the back catalogue anytime soon!

From: Jeff Marx <>
You've pretty much summed-up Doracor's back catalogue with your comments...Corrado Sardella could really use an influx of vintage instrumentation to go with his chops!