Divae Reviews

From: Mark Fonda
I have Divae - Determinazione which was based on scouring the Cranium catalog which says:
> Beautful symphonic progressive Italian band from the 90's. Vocals are in Italian. This album sits easily among the top ten best Italian progressive releases of all time. Track nine is a twelve and a haf minute tribute to GENTLE GIANT.
I certainly agree with this... great symphonic sounds as well as some heavy rock sequences and then some delicate vocal sections (in Italian). They use Hammond Organ, Mellotron, e-piano, synthesizers, bass, percussion and vocals (if I translate the Italian ok). They claim to be a mix of Deep Purple, Camel and Gentle Giant. IMO they are tighter than GG and I'd compare them more to Triumvirat (instrumentally at least). The album was recorded in 1994 to 1995.  Good stuff!!

From: Mark Fonda
I'm no expert on Italian prog, but suffice to say that this is a powerhouse keyboard and guitar album with some light vocals in Italian and solid percussion and bass guitar. This is their debut album recorded in 1994-1995. It is a sextet with two keyboard players, guitar, bass, vocals and drums... all Italian names I don't recognize. Per the liner notes it had guest appearances from Lino Vairetti (singer: ex Osanna), Gianni Leone (keyboards: Balletto di Bronzo), Gary Green (guitar: ex Gentle Giant) and several others.   Bountiful portions of synthesizer, mellotron, hammond organ, electric piano are interlaced with some deft electric guitar passages. They are compared with Deep Purple, Camel, Gentle Giant and Banco by the author of the liner notes. I'd go so far as saying some sections are reminiscient of ELP circa Tarkus. I got the CD from our friend in New Zealand. :) Highly recommended (by me). More of this PLEASE!!