Deja Vu Reviews

From: Jeff Marx <>
Deja Vu--Baroque in the Future (1988...Musea, 1998 release) Keyboardist Motoi Sakuraba leads this Japanese keyboard trio on this one-off, and damn, do I wish they had stayed together for a few more like this one! The style of play here will surely satisfy fans of Gerard, Arsnova, and Balletto di Bronzo, with lots of high-energy keyboards, varied shifts in signature and instrumentation, but with a little less chaotic pace than the aforementioned bands. Sakuraba uses a full palette of boards, creating a lush atmosphere that really rocks. He is also very good at creating different moods, sometimes within each track...and he shows off his classical leanings to great advantage. The only criticism I have is that most of the nine tracks (which includes 2 bonus live tracks) have so-so vocals on them, which is a bit of a distraction to the gorgeous instrumentals. Even so, this is another winner for Musea.