Daemonia Reviews

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From: Gert Cuppen <> Date: Wed Jan 3, 2001 11:52am Subject: DAEMONIA - Dario Argento Tribute.
Hallo All. For all the fans of Goblin i must recommend the new band of Claudio Simonetti: Daemonia. Old tracks but heavy played.

From: upnsm0ke  <> Subject: Re: [e-Prog] DAEMONIA - Dario Argento Tribute.
Great. Once again, more renditions of "Profondo Rosso," "Crows" and "Phenomena." I wish Claudio would put out an album of all-new music. Well, at least we got "The Versace Murder" back in '99....the best soundtrack he'd done in quite a while.

From: soniq95@aol.com Subject: best of 2000 
Daemonia - Dario Argento Tribute, leans a little pop in spots... excellent evil feel - - - great psych for the Raven's game