Covenant Reviews

From: Mark Fonda <>
Covenant 'Nature's Divine Reflection' (1992, USA, 42 min.) - I know some here have already mentioned this, but without many details, so here goes... keyboard driven from start to finish as Dave Gryder (formerly a drummer from a thrash-metal band) plays everything in this all-instrumental magnum opus. In addition to the drums, he plays Hammond Organ, Mellotron and ARP/Prophet/Korg synths creating an intense, fast-paced, triumphant journey into spirituality.  If you are a fan of keyboard dramatics with a slightly gothic/metal feel, this is for you!!  Comparisons to Lindh and Emond come to mind, although I would have to put the musicianship at a half-notch lower.  Some guest guitar work is present on one track... but it is drowned out by the keyboards. This album is produced by Syn-Phonic and I believe this is Gryder's only 'solo' release.