Castello Di Atlante Reviews

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From: bryan herdman <>
> 22. Castello Di Atlante - 'Sono Io Il Signore Delle Terre A Nord' (Italy, 1992)
Were you serious about this ? The feature instrument on this one is definitely the violin. There are lots of keyboard fills and diddles, the percussion is good, there's lots of vocals, but I certainly wouldn't put it on a keyboard list. Tell you what . . . how about substituting Jose Cid '10000 Anos depois entre Venus e Marte' ? The keyboards are excellent and it almost deserves to be on the list just for the track title ' Mellotron O Planeta Fantastica'.

From: Mark Fonda
The first track "Tirando le somme" is a keyboard barnstormer. Every single track has some solid keyboard melody... yes, many of the tracks are predominantly violin. The last track is nearly all piano.