Consorzio Acqua Potabile Reviews

From: Jeff Marx <>
Consorzio Acqua Potabile (CAP)--"Salsa Borsa Live '77" (Kaliphonia-1993) An Italian 5-piece that's been around since the seventies, but only reached the recording studio in 1993. This album was recorded at a concert in their hometown of Novara. The five tracks on this one range from 7 to 14 minutes in length, and serve as a showcase for dual keyboardists Romolo Bollea, and Maurizio Venegoni. These two play piano, minimoog, string synth and Hammond L-100, trading solo time with guitarist Massimo Gorlezza. The band stays away from highly-structured compositions, preferring extensive jam sessions in a loose format with limited vocals. In fact, the jamming is so free-form in nature that one hardly knows where one song ends and the next begins. That having been said, the keyboard work is very good, as the minimoog settings remind me of those in Metamorfosi's "Inferno," sharp-edged and well-enunciated, mixed nice and loud. As it is a bit raw and rough around the edges, it might not appeal to all, but for those who enjoy 70's ItaProg, and are minimoog fanatics, this would make a good addition to their collection.

From: "Shipley, Craig" <>
CAP is one of my favorite Italian bands. Their 1994 release has studio reworkings of a couple of the tracks first heard here on the live CD. There is also a brand new CAP release, which I haven't had the chance to hear yet.

From: "Lanzarini" <>
Mike De Lang <> wrote:
> Consorzio Acqua Potabile "CAP"- Robin delle Stelle: Modern Italian classic much like their 70's predecessors. I haven't heard it enough to draw any comparisons but the vocal harmonies remind me of PFM.
One of the best band returns of the 90's. Fantastic CD.