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From: "drj_saro" <>
Blezqi Zatsaz - Decline & Fall of Passional Sanity - Brazilian keyboard masterpiece (it _is_ a "band" album with guitar, bass, and drums - no vocals; but it is clearly a show-piece for the manual dexterity of Fabio Ribeiro on keys - but it isn't flashy just for the sake of it, these guys are playing with their hearts & souls, not just their heads and hands.). music ranges from the atmospheric, to bright & sunny, to delicate (precise),there are jazzy sections and folky-acoustic ones as well, and one piece each based on works by Paganini and JSBach.   guitars, both electric and acoustic are used mainly to vary the tonal color, but each has a nice "solo" spot or two, and are often used very effectively together (particularly in the piece "In a Flash").   but first and foremost are layers upon layers of keys, both analog and digital, used intelligently and sounds are chosen appropriately. if you couldn't tell, i _like_ it!

From: "Craig Shipley" <>
OK, something a little more electronic. From 1990/1, we have BLEZQI ZATSAZ and RISE AND FALL OF PASSIONAL SANITY BY FABIO RIBEIRO (he's the keyboardist). Keys, gtrs, bs, dms. Vintage keyboard fans, you'll love the arsenal that Ribeiro plays: ARP Odyssey, MiniMoog, plus there are synthesizers from just about every other company you can think of! As you can probably guess, synths rule on this one (no pianos or organs in the equipment list, but their synthesized counterparts are present). The music has a very classical influence to it and while it does not have the pure horsepower that LEHMEJUM has, it has a power all its' own. Playing is a little more flashy, but not excessively so. Jazzy bits pop up from time to time (listening to a synthesized "big-band" sound on "The Wrath" right now, with that bassy Mini-Moog sound that we all know and love!) On Progressive Records and another two thumbs up!

From: Jeff Marx <>
I'm just sitting here listening to "Passional Sanity," what a marvel...does anyone know what's up with BZ and Fabio Ribeiro these days?

From: "alexandre a. s." <>
Fabio is into metal now. He was going to record (don't know if he did) a prog metal album...

From: Lanzarini <> 
Fabio played with Violeta de Outemo on RARF 97. As I know he is a member of the band know. I didn't like BZ. Sounds like another solo project wit ha band name... but still have nice moments of keys

From: "drj_saro" <>
Re: Blezqi Zatsaz "Rise & Fall of Passional Sanity"... a real tour-de-force for keyboardist Fabio Ribeiro. (btw - whatever happenned to their 2nd album which was rumoured to be coming out "soon"?

From: Jeff Marx <>
There's no firm release date on the new BZ...but it 'should' come out sometime later this year on Musea. I'll see if I can find out a more specific release date.

From: Jeff Marx <>
Just got this from Fabio.... ANGRA keyboardist Fabio Ribeiro is finishing his new Blezqi Zatsaz album. There are only
four songs to be completed. At the moment, Kiko Loureiro, one of the guest musicians for the project, is recording his last contributions, so the final mixdown can be done. Kiko recorded electric and acoustic guitar arrangements for the majority of the album. Rafael Bittencourt, also from ANGRA, is going to record one of these last tracks too. Other great guitar players also made their contributions, including Eduardo Ardanuy from Dr. Sin. The name of the album is "Blezqi Zatsaz - The Tide Turns". It will be released until october, on Record Runner. The album is 70 minutes long and the songs and themes have a conceptual format. It's traditional instrumental progressive rock, with some other musical ingredients added for some spice, like latin music, heavy rock, even some bits of new age, and of course classical music. A website dedicated to Blezqi Zatsaz is under construction in Italy -

From:  "Jeff Marx" <>
Date:  Tue Jul 23, 2002  1:08 am
Subject:  Blezqi Zatsaz Update
For Andrew and the gang, Just got an e-mail from Fabio Ribeiro regarding the release date on The Tide Turns;