Luciano Basso Reviews

From: Mike De Lang <>
Has anybody heard "Voci" by Luciano Basso? I've just heard this Italian gem for the first time at a buddy's house and immediately had to order it. I thought it would be of interest to people on this list because it is very good keyboard dominated prog and I've seen no mention of him on this list or anywhere else for that matter. His style is very classical, much like Emerson but more subtle and when accompanied by guitar, violin and cello, parts of the CD remind me of Anglagard. It was first released in '78 so it's possible that this was one of Anglagard's influences. It's all instrumental so that's usually a plus with me.

From: cosmos <>
yes i got this cd and indeed it's a keyboard delight. i got lots of italian music and still find more great albums from that great italian prog-era. some more recomended bands are banco - pfm - eneide - goblin - new trolls.

From: "Mark Fonda" <>
I'll add my stamp of approval on this fine 1976 recording. Fans of After Crying and PFM should love this. Classically oriented piano with violin, cello, drums and an assortment of tastefully done keyboards including mellotron, organ, electric piano and clavinet.  Luciano Basso is the keyboardist for Lombardia... whom I have never heard of... or is that his home town? (Ref: The Return of Italian Pop). He put out four solo LPs from 1976 to 1980. It's on the Italian label Vinyl Magic so that should give those who know a good indication of its pedigree. You can get this disc at Syn-Phonic.

I'm a new member in this list and agree with Mark's opinion about Luciano Basso?s "Voci".  It's maybe the best all-instrumental-progressive solo album I?ve ever listened to.

From: "drrcmello" <> Subject: Luciano Basso (a question)
Hi all; One of the best italian prog disks I?ve already heard is Luciano Basso - Voci.  I think that a disk like that would be very satisfatory for e-progers !  I have a question; Someone told me that Luciano Basso now plays contemporary classical music ... He has a 1997 release (Noturni). Anyone heard it ? Is it progressive or neo-classical?

From: "drrcmello" <> Subject: Re: Luciano Basso (more question)
Vinyl Magic website comments that Notturni is a compilation of piano solo works. Well, that's not really my cup of tea !!!