Il Balletto Di Bronzo Reviews

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Il Balletto di Bronzo~ "YS" is truly sublime heavy prog that endures countless compliments, yet is not diminished by excessive praise. It pours out magical weird vocal layers and intense onslaughts of power riffing that are unlikely bedfellows that calm the spirit so it can scare the hell out of you.

From: Christopher Robbin <>
On the topic of Il Balletto Di Bronzo: EXCELLENT ALBUM!!! I remember hearing it for the first time back around 93 or 94 on college radio. For awhile there I had a cassette of the album from that radio show, and then finally in 95 or 96 or so, I got the CD. This was one of the first Italian prog records I heard, and I really love the Italian vocals (there's something to be said about not singing in English when it's not your first language) and the keyboards and just the overall feel of the music. I mean, it's so HEAVY!!! It makes modern "heavy metal" bands sound like the Captain And Tenille. Love it totally!!!

From: "Dr. Robert L. La Duca" <>
Well folks, the rumors are true... We are thrilled to announce the lastest addition to the NEARfest 2000 lineup: IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO.
This classic Italian band's 1972 album "YS" is considered by many listeners to be one of the defining statements of the progressive rock genre. Tilting wildly from intense organ/synth jams in odd meter, to passionate well-sung vocal sections on top of lush mellotron, to biting and searing guitar excursions, "YS" is definitely a classic, an essential item in any progressive rock collection. The late 90s has seen the band reform, led by multi-keyboardist, vocalist, and composer Gianni Leone. The band is now a trio, Leone will be supported by two superb new recruits on bass and drums. Il Balletto di Bronzo has recently released "TRYS" on Mellow Records, a blistering live set of "YS" in its entirety along with unreleased and new tracks (performed live). (The name is a play on words combining TRIO and YS) Il Balletto di Bronzo will be making their all-time USA debut at NEARfest 2000. 

From: "Mark Fonda" <>
My most disappointing recent purchase is Balletto Di Bronzo 'Trys'... the liner notes are all in Italian but it's obviously a live recording... it seems flat, uninspired and poorly recorded/mixed. Anyone know more about this recording?

From: "alexandre a. s." <>
It seems to be a live recording of a reunion concert, from a few (2 or 3) years ago.

From: "Carsten Busch" <>
1996 plus 3 unreleased 1972 tracks

From: Jeff Marx <>
Yes...I know I like it more than you do :) There are a few bad areas in the recording/mixing department, but I have a soft spot for Balletto's "YS" so I was able to look past these few problems, and found myself really enjoying Balletto as a keyboard trio. I didn't find the playing to be flat or uninspired, rather I was swept along by the highly imaginative instrumentals and emotional vocal delivery...though Gianni Leone's heavy use of echo effects on the vocals could have been trimmed back a bit. Recorded in Rome in 1996, the album contains all of "YS" and seven other tracks, several of which are from keyboardist Leone's two solo albums.

From: "Alan J. Mallery" <> is a reunion concert from a couple years ago. You'd think this would be awesome, I haven't heard it myself but I mostly heard negative reviews about it. I guess they just lack the inspiration that they used to have..