David Bagsby Reviews

From: Roy DeRousse <>
I don't believe that I've heard anyone mention David Bagsby's latest CD, "Transphoria." I love this CD! As a matter of fact, it will probably end up on my "best of 1999" list. It is heavily keyboard-oriented, since that is David's primary instrument, but there are occasional vocals and (maybe) some other instruments. (I do hear something that sounds like acoustic guitar in places, but you never know about keyboard samples these days!) You can hear influences from some of the old keyboard greats, but mostly it sounds very original. The music mixes some traditional sounds with some more experimental stuff to come up with a combination that is worth listening to repeatedly. Here's a quote from http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Network/8226/tulsproj.html: Transphoria reveals a kaleidoscopic imagination at play in a parti-colored world of rhythm, texture and space. David Bagsby composed, performed and produced this tour de force with a dizzying breadth of musical reference. Special guests Jenny Labow and Candy Gaffen lend their respective vocal and pianistic talents on a track each. Breathe in a sample at the link above!" And this is David's comment about the album that appears on the Artist Shop site at http://www.artist-shop.com/newart/index.htm#xen : "Transphoria is symphonic/progressive rock done in a cinematic style. No tracks on this are designed for pop radio/media. This is my tribute to the bands I revere...the British Progressive's of the '70's." Although I must add that it sounds like nothing I ever heard from the '70s (which is a good thing). The influences are there, however. I can hear some Moraz influence at times. (And I know that David is a big Moraz fan since he hosted one of his shows on the CHAT tour.) Some portions of the album also remind me of the great album by Amin Bhatia, "Interstellar Suite." I believe that most people on this list would enjoy the album very much. Check it out!