Bacamarte Reviews

From: "Luna Negra S.C." <>
"Depois do Fim" ("After the end") by Brazilian group BACAMARTE. Lead by guitar player and composer Mario Neto (also on violin), this brazilian band recorded this album in 1972. This is a conceptual work about the judgement day. You might think the music is too depress but, instead of this, you'll find some great guitar flights (both, electric and acoustic) a very nice female voice (Jane Duboc) singing in portuguese. The keyboards (Sergio Villarim) and the flutes & acordion (M?cus Moura) are simply great! and the other members are Mr. Paul (?), on percussion, Delto Simas, on bass guitar and Marco Verrissimo, on drums. The lyrics are in portuguese, but I've tried to translate a fragment on "Depois do Fim" into English: "After the End".  The four knights are already gone after they had finished their terrible mission, Take a look on what remains on the ground this is what our land used to be. We now understand why the survivors are crying what this unlucky destiny has for all of them.

From: "Carsten Busch" <>
Bacamarte: essential!