Babylon Reviews

From: "Mark Fonda" <>
I got this e-mail from the lead vocalist and keyboardist of Babylon who's obscure self-titled 1977 recording was just released on CD by Syn-Phonic. I picked up a copy at NEARfest and I have not had much time to listen to it yet. Any one else hear it yet? BTW, the cover is of an alien head with large oval eyes and is the same image used on Syn-Phonic's printed catalog. The band includes dual keyboards, guitars, bass and percussion and the music is indeed symphonic, progressive and spectacular. The album has four tracks totaling 35 minutes. The website is Here's the band's biography shown in the liner notes:
"Babylon was formed in 1976 in central Florida from a core of like-minded musicians who played in various bands in the area. Their focus was progressive music having been influenced by the likes of early Genesis, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Van Der Graf Generator, Happy the Man and various European and American progressive bands. Their live performances were multimedia extravaganzas encompassing film, large screen multi-image projection, theatrics and audience participation. The various members strayed apart in 1978 after this, their one and only studio album."

From: Adam Perkowsky <>
I picked up the Babylon CD at NEARfest and I must say it was one of the best purchases from the 14 I bought. Classic Genesis style, with a vocalist reminiscent of Gabriel, Peter Hammill and Fish. The only problem is, the CD runs very short. I think it is just under 40 minutes long. It's a shame these guys didn't put out any more releases. Maybe Dorrocas has some archival stuff that could see the light of day someday.

From: "Jim Gualtieri" <>
Actually it's under 35 minutes, but it is great!

From: "alexandre a. s." <>
Actually, Syn-phonic have released 2 LPs of archival Live shows, called "Night over never" (vols. 1 and 2). I believe the 4 songs from the original LP are there, plus a whole lot more. The sound quality is fairly good, and the music is just great!

From: "Adam Perkowsky" <>
Fans of the band Babylon may be interested to know that a CDR has been made from the best songs from the two live LPs the band put out. I just received my copy (the first copy of the CDR project) today and I must say it is outstanding. The sound is on par with the best sounding audience recordings. Below is the e-mail I received from Steve Repetti, who put the project together. Now all we need is a Babylon video. :) Fans of classic Genesis will love this band. I can't say enough about them. The vocalist is a cross between Peter Gabriel, Fish and Peter Hammill, and the music is reminiscent of the stuff Genesis was playing up to "Wind and Wuthering". You can get the self-titled CD from Greg Walker at Syn-Phonic.  Here's Steve Repetti's e-mail:
BETTER CONDITIONS FOR THE DEAD - The Official BABYLON LIVE Bootlegs have just gone through a major face lift. Culled from the original Reel to Reel Tapes which were used to press the two Babylon Live Albums (Live From The Empty Keg 1 & 2), a new Limited Collector's Edition is now available containing the best of those live tracks along with 2 never released items. The Bonus Tracks are comprised of 3 segments originally recorded as; a Concert Intro Tape, a "Dreamfish" Intro Tape and a segment we used to refer to as "The Beast" which supported an inspired bit of theatrics taking place in the middle of "The Forest Of Orelse" (primarily due to the fact that it accompanied Doroccas's temporary imprisonment inside an 8' monstrosity of melted plastic, seaweed, tubing and vinyl molded to look like 23 agonizing faces with smoke pouring out of every orifice while the stage lights went berserk). They total 7 minutes and 13 seconds, neatly filling in the remaining time on the CD, and were originally produced in a recording studio for that purpose. The live recordings were originally done using a single pair of Sony Condenser Microphones in an X/Y axis configuration to achieve a natural live stereo spread. Unfortunately, that doesn't leave a lot of room for manipulation or mixing after the fact, that is until now.... Thanks to a bit of alien technology called the Hughes Sound Retrieval System. Thanks to the Hughes SRS and some selective digital equalization in the mastering stages I've been able to restore a considerable amount of content, instrumental balance and tonal spectrum that wasn't even on the original tape or live albums as far as anyone could normally tell. Hopefully you'll agree it puts the old vinyl to shame. Naturally, it's still live material so nothing much can be done for the occasional slurred note, stab of feedback, flying drumstick or change in lyrics. That's life in the big concert hall. Here's what you get - 1. It Is Time 5:21; 2. Dreamfish 9:11; 3. Mote In God's Eye 7:48; 4. Foam Rubber Philosopher 7:34; 5. Forest Of Orelse 8:04; 6. Saint Vitus Dance 6:31; 7. Pyramid Mask 1:52; 8. Cathedral Of The Mary Ruin 8:15; 9. You Are Sentenced To Life On Earth 8:53; 10. Ultima Thule 9:13;  ....further questions welcome - 

From: "Jim Gualtieri" <>
> I just read about Babylon the other night. Anybody with any thoughts on the band and whether they would recommend purchasing some of their work and if yes which albums?
I would highly recommend their one studio album from 1977. It's short, about 35 min., but it's potent. Very much influenced by early Genesis, but I don't consider them a clone. Took me a little while to appreciate the vocals. Available from Greg Walker (Syn-phonic). It is a classic!