Azahar Reviews

From: Mark Fonda <>
Azahar 'Elixir' (1977, Spain, 37 min.) - Exotic mixture of keyboards and electric/acoustic guitars by this Spanish/Uraguayan/Egyptian quartet... and no drums, only bass rhythm. Gustavo Ros plays synthesizer, mellotron, fender rhodes piano and grand piano. Vocals are in spanish as are all the liner notes. Mysterious at times, playful at others... very diverse with plenty of interesting twists and turns... even some spacey psychedelics. Also a bit of ethnic flavor... middle eastern and flamenco. I believe this is a concept album about sorcery and magic. The reason I like this so much is due to all the great keyboards which are interwoven very nicely with guitar. Picture a mixture of Djam Karet and Genesis... or maybe Mike Oldfield circa 'Hergest Ridge'. They are supposedly similar to two other Spanish bands Triana and Mezquita.