Brian Auger Reviews

From: "Craig Shipley" <>
Anyone out there a Brian Auger's Oblivion Express fan??? A tad on "da fonkie" side, but Auger is a killer keyboardist that can really shred a Hammond (check out the title cut to "Planet Earth Calling") And if you can't get no sugar when "Bumpin' On Sunset" is playing (the studio version), call it quits or become a monk!

From: Brett Rains@
I've got Brian Auger & Oblivion Express' "Closer To It" from 1973 & you're absolutely right--this guy can play some mean Hammond. Would like to get some more; anybody recommend any other titles?

From: "Craig Shipley" <>
The follow-up to "Closer To It!" is "Straight Ahead" and features the killer version of the Wes Montgomery classic "Bumpin' On Sunset". The live set is good, but Alex Ligertwoods' vocals can be a bit tough to take in a live setting. "Reinforcements" has some good tunes, but some pretty silly ones, too ("Plum" comes to mind). The almost all-instrumental "Planet Earth Calling" is a must-have, as the title track is where he shreds the Hammond into little teensy-tiny bits! The real early stuff, prior to "Closer.." is not quite as funky and the keys are all organ and pianos, so it's more contemporary early '70's rock. "Second Wind" is probably the best of the bunch. There is a 2 CD "best of" that covers his career up to 1987, when it seems that his output stopped. He played on Klaus Doldinger's Passport's late '80's release "Talk Back". After that, I don't know where he went... The entire Oblivion Express catalog is out on One Way Records and are reasonably priced. Try the "Best Of" set and see where you want to go. Wait, I think that there is one OE release that didn't make it to CD, "Happiness And Heartbreaks", but that is no loss..

From: "Mark Fonda" <>
I only have 'Straight Ahead' (1974) now on CD, but I used to have several of their albums in vinyl.  Oblivion Express is kind of like Atomic Rooster on valium... and with a distinctive Jazz twist.  ;-)