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Also, there is an American Arabesque which I have not heard stated from the record heaven website:
ARABESQUE Tales of power - Like HANDS, this band managed to exist in America playing progressive rock, totally original music, and go completely unnoticed during their career. Complex, dynamic, well constructed and expertly performed music in an early GENESIS meets CAMEL sort of style but definetly quite original. Label: Shroom Origin: US  Hope this helps.

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I don't know the band but I recently bought Tales of Power. Very enjoyable. I think the band maybe regrouping.

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This issue (Issue No. 40 of Progression) held a special importance to me because the Shroom sampler was to include a song from my band, Arabesque. I'd been telling friends and relatives about it since November and at this point they think I'm full of it. John, please give us a sign :-). Is all hope lost? Anyway... I've been hearing alot about The Virtuality CD, Scott. I'll head on over to the site now. Augie Smarra

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Arabesque - Tales Of Power - Really like this one. The vocals seem to remind of Orpheus. Musicianship is very good-especially the guitar.. The one thing I didn't like was the vocals to We (The Farmer Song)-they're not bad just not my cup I guess. It's too bad they couldn't latch on to some record co. and have kept it going. Special cudos to Augie (e-prog.list) - it's his band! You should be very proud-I know I would be!. So Augie tell us all what made you guys stop and what are you doing now? Inquiring minds want to know!

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> Arabesque - Tales Of Power [...]
OK Pete, I put you on the spot so I guess I owe you a response to your questions. First of all thank you for the kind words (Yes I did blush :-)). It really is amazing to see some of the reviews that we have been getting on this CD, which makes it all worthwhile. It's been four years in the making, sorting through old tapes, trying to get the best possible document of the band. We really weren't sure if the quality of the recordings we had was good enough for the world to hear (Recording on a very limited budget didn't get you what it does today) but Rich Patz at Shroom convinced us otherwise. Now is seems like quite a few people agree with him. There actually are already plans for a second CD which will include three tunes that were recorded in the studio, one of which was on the Shroom Sampler in Progression, "The East Side Of Morning" (Issue #40). As to what made us stop. It's that same old late 70s story. No Record Company wanted us and everyone was concerned about their future so we went our separate ways. The do it yourself attitude of Punk didn't quite sink in yet. To us it looked like Prog was dead because even bands that were successful at it were going in a more commercial direction. As for now, we are already talking about writing new material and recording it properly, all depending on how much interest the CD generates. It will be a real challenge with us spread across the country but the technology today makes it all possible. We have another epic piece that we shelved all those years ago that is crying to be completed.  Here is a great article on music and last years Prog releases from a non Prog site. It mentions the Arabesque CD. Click on some of the links in the article to other great articles. Prog is definitely not dead. If that isn't enough here's another review of the CD from the Sea of Tranquility site.  See what happens when you ask a question...