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From: Mark Fonda <>
Richard Stockwell wrote:
> ...Apogee and versus X. Both projects that Arne Schaefer is in. Both releases are on Musea (or available at Cranium music). I consider Arne Schaefer to be one of the premier new progressive composers.
Apogee 'Sisyphos' is an excellent classical/progressive album with strong male vocals that are very well done. It sounds a bit like 'After Crying' but with a little more of an edge (electric guitar) and more predominant vocals. It's a rock opera format with the primary instruments being keyboards, e-guitar, flute and drums. Some strings are heard in parts... which sound like synthesizer rather than mellotron... no instrument listing is given. Also some acoustic guitar is heard which would have to be genuine. I guess everything is played by Arne Sch?er himself since there are no credits for other musicians. 'The Myth of Sisyphos' is an Albert Camus essay about his vision of man in an absurd universe. The theme is very brooding and reflective... a very consistent mood throughout, but with good change of pace and variety of sounds. A real classic sounding recording... quite different than any other German prog I've heard.

From: Greger R?nqvist  Email:
APOGEE - On The Aftertaste Germany Recorded between 1990 and 1998 Released: 2000 Independent Rating: 6/10
Apogee is the solo project of Arne Sch?er, vocalist and guitarist of the German progressive rock band Versus X. All songs on "On The Aftertaste" is composed, arranged and performed by Arne. He has previously released two albums on the French Musea label: "The Border of Awareness" (1995) and "Sisyphos" (1998). This album contains previously unreleased material that was not included on those two albums.
The music is complex 70's influenced progressive symphonic rock with lengthy instrumental passages and many rhythm changes. Arne's musical influences are many: Jethro Tull, Frank Zappa, Gentle Giant, Rush, Peter Hammill, UK, Univers Zero, XTC, Dream Theater, Magellan, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Cardiacs, Beatles, Kate Bush, 5 UU?s, Thinking Plague, ?glag?d, Allan Holdsworth, Traffic, Igor Stravinsky and Gustav Mahler. The most obvious influences though are Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Van der Graaf, Genesis, King Crimson and Yes.
The compositions are very good with lots of complexity. Unfortunately there are some rather boring songs to with similarities to Elegant Simplicity. Although this album is splendid on some tracks I rather prefer Versus X.
Musicians: Arne Schaefer - All instruments, compositions and vocals Bettina Boos - Female vocals on "Falling To Pieces" Stefan Maywald - Organ Solo on "Falling To Pieces"
Track listing: On the Aftertaste (18:28) Possessed (11:34) How could I stop- (5:39) Hibernation (6:01) Falling to Pieces (16:06) Don't take it bad (9:57)
Date: 2001-05-21 Reviewed by: Greger R?nqvist
Apogee Releases: The Border of Awareness (CD Musea, 1995) Sisyphos (Musea, 1998) On the Aftertaste (CD Independent, 2001)
"On The Aftertaste" is only available from Arne Sch?er for DM 30 / US$ 15 plus postage. (Send mail for ordering conditions)
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