Anglagard Reviews

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From: Richard Stockwell
> I am a decently big Yes/genesis/crimson fan. Mellotronish stuff is cool too.  Give me some suggestions...
If you haven't already heard Anglagard then for the above styles and coooool mellotron this is an early 90's release that most prog people place on the top shelf with the 70's prog classics. The band had two studio releases - Hybris & Epilog plus one live release - Buried alive. Hybris will not be available again until 1999 (unless you have good luck), however Epilog is available as is Buried Alive. Also try Sinkadus (both these bands are Swedish) who have one studio album. They are similiar to Anglagard but with a tinge of Swedish folk. They too use Mellotron. If you are a Yes fanatic then an American band called Blue Shift sound more Yes than Yes, including the more Jon Anderson than Jon Anderson vocals. However get beyond the Yes clone comparisions and the musicianship is first class and very tight. There are others but these are off the top of my head.