Ange Reviews

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From: jonathan bar-yehuda <>
Thierry SPORTOUCHE wrote: > I don't agree at all! I have a copy for myself. Close to Ayreon. > Ange is the French Genesis... with stress on the keys and vocals. Highly > recommended.  ... is the ange cd ac compilation? what tracks are on it? about rs brutal i get mixed views .

Ange compliation: yes! A very good one. With the most famous songs (Emile Jacotey...). With unpublished tracks and rare songs too.

From: Subject: Re: [e-Prog] Italian and French Prog
re. Ange Ive got the first 4 on vinyl plus a later one called La Gare de Troyes. Not got anything from Emile Jacotey,but I like the classic prog keyboards and I believe some of the later ones are different.