Jon Anderson Reviews

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From: "surjorimba suroto" <>
> I'm curious what you guys think of Jon Anderson? What do you think about his singing? What do you think about him personally (his personality) ?
I think he's one of the icons of prog rock. He wrote both beautiful music/ songs and lyrics. What I admire about him was his commitment to explore various kinds of music. You could hear his albums with Vangelis, with Yes, with ABWH, with studio musicians (In The City of Angels), his solo albums in the last decade, etc. I don't think he's authoritative (like Blackmore in Deep Purple) and he's open to critics. But some things have changed in the past years. Maybe it's a declining or lack of inspiration. I said that based on the latest Yes album (Open Your Eyes) and his solo album (The More You Know). It didn't sound like his style. What I've been waiting in years is his work with other prog rock icons, like Keith Emerson, Steve Hackett, Roger Waters, etc. We know he worked in the past with Tangerine Dream, Kitaro, King Crimson, etc. But that was, well, a long time ago. Or maybe with new musicians, like Spock Beard or Dream Theater. Well, that's my opinion about him.

From: "Luna Negra S.C." <>
He's great. His album "Olias Of Sunhillow" is one of the best I've EVER heard! He's got a distinctive voice in the progressive field. I just can't imagine "Close to the Edge" or some other classic Yes tune without his voice. With Vangelis, he gave us a new perspective on electronics. I saw Yes performing live (for the very first time in Mexico) this year and Jon was fantastic. I hope I can someday meet him personally, but, at this moment I think of him he's very nice. Unfortunately, he seems to be very involved with "new age" and recording boring albums.

From: "Jeff Marx" <>
As YES is one of my all-time favorite groups, I have a warm glowy spot in my heart for Jon Anderson. I think his lyrical tones, and splendid sense of harmonizing has always been so ideal in the YES format. I've also enjoyed his musical ideas (flights of fantasy-wise) as long as they stayed away from sappiness and populist new age credos.

From: "Carsten Busch" <>
IMHO Anderson clearly isn't God (there's only one after all...), but I regard him very high and miraculously whatever crap he carries out (like his dance music album "Know"): you simply take it from him... strange strange strange. Just think of the flames when Marillion, ELP and others went pop/rock... Anyway, anyone who's ever seen him in living person knows what an extraordinary little fellow he is. On the other hand, I'm glad not having to work with him, since I guess he's not really easy to handle (anyone read "Yesstories"?)

From: Andrew James Moag <>
I must disagree with a previous poster's point that an Andersonless Yes is inferior (Drama). I'm not one who considers himself to be a Panther, Generator or Trooper (terms for the era of Yes one enjoys). I songs from all eras. However, looking at entire albums, Drama is better overall than Tormato, BG, OYE, Time and a Word and the first release. While all of these albums may contain individual tracks that are superior to Drama songs, Drama has more "quality" material and less weak moments than any of the previously mentioned Anderson efforts (I forgot to include Talk). My point is that whether Anderson sings the song or not doesn't necessarily mean the song is good or better than a Horn song. I enjoy Anderson's singing quite a lot. However, I feel Horn has superior diction. Is Jon better overall? Probably, but that does not mean that Horn isn't good in his own right.   What does everyone else think?

I agree with you guys. "YES" without Anderson's voice is not as interesting, as was proved by that one YES album without him. His records have gotten too soft and dull. I think he's forgotten about us, or he doesn't realize how much we enjoyed what he USED to do. Maybe he thinks we're really enjoying the new-age stuff like "Toltec". How are his record sales anyway? Somebody's got to slap him back into reality and show him that we're still here and waiting for new ROCK music, not new-age. I loved the solo "Animation" album a lot. Even his Christmas album "Three Ships" had some kick ass pieces on it like "How It Hits You." I guess you can't hope to sell many albums nowadays if it's not on the hard and heavy side.  Anderson should join a metal band, or be a guest singer on one. Heavy Reign doesn't have a singer, maybe he should sing with them. How do we get in touch with him to relay our desires and disappointments ?

From: "Carsten Busch" <>
On the other hand... since Jon recently did a ethnic album (Deseo), remix dance album (Deseo remixes), a new age, a folk, a r'n'b album etc I'm waiting impatiently for Jon's first deathmetal-CD. Anyone can imagine what Jon sounds with a 'grunt'? Not!

From: Denis Torres
As a great fan of Jon Anderson, I have listen to Yes since 1974... and have been a fan of the band... but even more of Jon Anderson... and Rick Wakeman. The only missing piece in my collection is 3 Ships on cd (I am fortunate to have it on album ).  I must say that it took me a few listenings to his latest release "The More We Know ", to start appreciating what Jon is doing in the music field.... he is an explorer... and his latest shows that prior to the cd The More We Know... Jon has released a cd called EARTH MOTHER EARTH.... which was entirely recorded here on the Island of Maui, in Hawaii, where i live.  My only regret, is that i never ran into him, while he was living here... I even found the house where he used to live... Darn... too late... he was gone.

From: "Casey Van Tieghem" <>
Olias of just a precious recording. Jon all by himself letting his imagination go wild. But there's not really any virtuoso Yes playing. Just some Vangelis minimalist synths, and lots of acoustic instruments. The harp playing is nice too.

From: "Rick Gutleber" <> Jon Anderson must be very proud of "Animation" since he keeps recycling "Borders", both nicely on his Irish album, and shoehorned into some completely incongruous music on one of those really awful tracks on "Open Your Eyes". When I found Olias on CD several years ago, I'd thought I'd found the Holy Grail of CD's (having bought three used copies of the record trying to find one is good enough shape), but Animation is turning out to be the one to find.