Tori Amos Reviews

From: Errol Allahverdi <> Date: Thu Mar 6, 2003 Subject: Re: [e-Prog] Tori Amos
Personally, I really like Under the Pink, while I'm not crazy about Strange Little Girls

From: "ramsrock2" <> Date: Wed Mar 5, 2003 Subject: Tori Amos
I just heard Tori Amos's "To Venus and Back" WOW !

From: Christian Bekhuis <> Date: Thu Mar 6, 2003 Subject: Tori Amos
Ooh.. then simply run to the nearest recordstore and get yourself her new album Scarlett's Walk which is IMO superior to Venus. Finally she has returned to the sound of her first 2 albums. Infectious melodies, sparse instrumentation (basically a lot of piano / e-piano backed up by bass, drums, sometimes strings and an occasional guitar).

From: RAM <> Date: Thu Mar 6, 2003 Subject: RE: [e-Prog] Tori Amos
Yeah, I'm missing the last three studio works of Tori. I need to catch up. Truly one of the best female-artists of this century.

From: Progressive World <> Date: Sun Oct 14, 2001
And it really was a coincidence, as John sent the review to me this past Monday. I wasn't really sure how publishing it would go over, but reading all the posts here about Tori, I guess I shouldn't worry. We won't go so far afield as to review Madonna or Britney...even if they release an album of prog covers... but I use the term progressive music specifically because I want to include as many aspects as possible.

From: "Andrew & Jo Holborn" <> Date: Sat Oct 13, 2001
WOW Steph, Amazing co-incidence that Progressive World reviewed Tori just as were talking about her. Good , too. IMHO to see that prog world doesn't limit itself to narrow definitions of prog when selecting cds for reviews.

From: "Tony Doran" <> Date: Fri Oct 12, 2001 Subject: Re: tfk - Tori Amos
Yeah MAG she's cute alright. In fact she absolutely ooozes sexuality which also comes thru in her work. It's excellent. I reckon a lot of her work is prog, maybe not in the traditional sense but certainly progressive. Not unlike Kate Bush in her earlier days (Wuthering Heights). TA does write some very 'to the point' lyrics. An awesome lady to be sure.

From: Mochaen <> Date: Fri Oct 12, 2001 Subject: Prog-pop
I agree with the comments about this intriguing lady. I'm reminded of something Mag said about Fish which could be said about Tori: "always has something interesting to say". I enjoy her piano work.

From: "Andrew & Jo Holborn" <> Date: Fri Oct 12, 2001 Subject: Re: [e-Prog] tfk - Tori Amos
I have recently purchased "under the pink" too and find it quite inventive. I would prefer a little more warmth (but not "candied" warmth). From interviews I've read, she sounds likes she's feeling more positive about her life (not to be read as "cosy"). Anyone heard her more recent music??

From: []Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2001 Subject: [e-Prog] Re: Tori Amos
Tori is fantastic. You don't really realize her musical powers until you see her perform live. Tori isn't really prog though, but belongs to a genre I like to call "prog-pop." That sounds like an oxymoron, but I believe it is a way of being artistic while still appealing to the general listener. In other words, Tori can make money with what she does, and lots of it too.

From: Date: Thu Oct 11, 2001 Subject: Re: [e-Prog] tfk - Tori Amos
As for Tori -- oh hell yeah I agree with you. I love her stuff and DEFINITELY consider her Prog. And one point you didn't make is about her
excellent lyrics. MAG (and she's cute too...)

From: "Errol Allahverdi" <> Date: Thu Oct 11, 2001 Subject: RE: [e-Prog] tfk - Tori Amos
On that last note, I'd like to recommend an artist to whom I am a late-comer. Tori Amos. Is she prog? Don't know. And I certainly don't want to start another "What makes music progressive" thread. But her music is far from ordinary. After only a couple of listens to her Under the Pink CD, I still haven't recognized any particular structure to her compositions, and her key signatures seem odd. But what really impresses me is her piano. Not that she shows any fabulous technique, but the sound she pulls from the piano is truly "grand". Not just another pop piano banger like Billy Joel or Elton John (don't get me wrong, I admire them both as great artists). The piano, along with her voice of course, define her sound as much as her composition. The proof is in the cover tunes she does, like Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. And, her music has a definite "dark" quality that many people on list seem to enjoy. I can't compare her sound to anyone else's, so if you haven't heard her, you unfortunately are left with my abstract impression here. If you're interested, use Morpheus (or whatever) to download and sample a couple of her tunes. I've just begun to discover Tori Amos. Does anyone else have anything to add?

From: Date: Thu Oct 11, 2001 Subject: Re: [e-Prog] tfk - Tori Amos
I love Tori too. She sure isn't prog. Only word to describe Tori is kooky.

From: "Carsten Busch" <> Date: Wed Feb 23, 2000 Subject: Re: Toir Amos
I love her, especially the debut. Even more since we haven't heard from Kate Bush (no relation...) for years and Tori at times remind me a lot of Kate...

From: "THIELEN THOMAS" <> Date: Wed Feb 23, 2000 Subject: our dearest tori!!!
OF COURSE tori amos is not unknown to proggies! she encorporates all the spirit someone willing to listen to PROGRESSIVE rock could ask for.

From: RAM <> Date: Tue Feb 22, 2000 Subject: Re: Tori Amos
I have to agree with Arturo. Tori is very enchanting, and her calibre of musicianship is high, especially when she performs live. If you haven't yet been to one of her concerts, make every effort to do so. I have subclasses for prog, and one of them is prog-pop...

From: Peter Abusamra <> Date: Tue Feb 22, 2000 Subject: Toir Amos
This past week-end there was a PPV(I have a hot box) concert with Tori Amos. I caught most of her show and really enjoyed it. She seems very talented - her voice,songwriting and playing.Her guitarist had some moments that sounded like Fripp. Her bassist was making some incredible sounds also. Does anyone in this Prog World like her? Thoughts-opinions? It was the first time I've ever heard her.

From: "Jim Alexander" <jalex@xxxxxxxx.xxxx Date: Sat Jun 20, 1998 Subject: Re: Tori,The F word,etc
We can discuss Radiohead but not Tori Amos? Hello? Anybody Home? Progressive is just a word, I much prefer music. Music is not necessarily some obscure wankers making wierd noises which other wankers pick up on and make way too much of a fuss about. Tori makes great music, I think it's progressive, it's a lot more interesting than a lot of what's mentioned on this group.I also wonder why Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, etc are treated like poor relations by progsters. If you can't decide who to include, then why are you so sure about what to exclude? I'm not being critical, merely curious.