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From: Subject: PROG-REVIEWS NR 28 - 2001 AMON D?L II - Once Upon A Time - Best Of 1969-1999 GERMANY Rating: * * * ? January 22, 2001 MYSTIC RECORDS MYS CD 144 Time: 73:43 Musicians: Renate Knaup - lead vocals Chris Karrer - guitars, Violin Lothar Meld - bass, guitar, vocals Peter Leopold - drums Falk Rogrier - keyboards, guitars John Weinzierl - guitars Track Listing: 1. Phallus Dei (9:29) 2. Soap Shop Rock (12:59) 3. Archangel Thunderbird (3:38) 4. Syntelman's March Of The Roaring 70th (7:28) 5. C.I.D. In Uruk (6:34) 6. All The Years Round (7:14) 7. Surrounded By The Stars (7:32) 8. Wolf City (3:14) 9. Cerberus (5:21) 10. Nada Moonshine # (10:07) It isn't often you'll see a "Best Of" album from a Progressive Rock band, especially not when it comes to Kraut Rock (actually a genre of it's own, but could easily be described as early German Progressive Rock). Amon D?l II was one of the most influential bands within this movement, and they still have influence on many of today's bands. On this "Best Of" you can hear some of their best songs from 1969-1999. I have only heard a few of Amon D?l II's albums, so this album came as a positive surprise for me. Once upon a time there was this band formed in 1968 called Amon D?l. They eventually split in two separate bands: Amon D?l who took on a political approach in their music, and Amon D?l II who concentrated on the music. The members have been changed in-between these two bands throughout the years, but Amon D?l II has always been the most interesting of the two bands. The music is an experimental mix between space rock, jazz-rock, progressive rock and psychedelic rock, and there are some similarities here and there to Hawkwind, Pink Floyd and Yes. If you're unfamiliar with Amon D?l II you'll probably have to listen to their music quite a lot to get into it, but the fact is that they've had a big influence on many of the band in the progressive rock genre today. So if you're interested in hearing music from one of the "original" progressive rock bands, this is a great album to start with. -Reviewed by Greger R?nqvist- Amon D?l II Discography: Phallus Dei (1969) Yeti (1970) Dance Of The Lemmings (1971) Carnival In Babylon (1972) Wolf City (1972) Vive La Trance (1973) Live In London (1974) Hijack (1974) Lemmingmania (1975) Made In Germany (1975) Pyragony X (1976) Almost Alive (1978) Only Human (1978) Hawk Meets Penguin (1983) Meeting With Men Machines (19?) Surrounded By The Bars (1993) Nada Moonshine # (1995) Eternal Flashback (1995) Kobe [Reconstruction's] (1995) Flawless (1997) Once Upon A Time - Best of 1969 - 1999 (2001) Contact: Mystic Records Unit 16, Rathbone House 24 Tanfield Road Croydon Surrey CD0 1AL Phone: 020 8240 4444 Fax: 020 8240 6643 Email:

From: Chris Richards <> Subject: Re: Krautrock
A few of my favorite bands:
Amon Duul II: Great group, lots of fine albums, particularly Phallus Dei, Tanz Der Lemminge, Yeti, and Wolf City. Made In Germany stinks (I have the single LP version, I'm told the double LP version has some nice stuff on it, though). Can't remember the name of the album that immediately preceded Made In Germany, it was alright, but not great. Anyway, they're good records have a strange ethnic music vibe, like an Eastern European take on psychedelia. Or something like that. And here's something you can file under weird trivia: their bassist, Lothar Meid once toured with country singer Charlie Rich (or was it Charlie Pride?) in Germany. And an American by the name of Jimmy Jackson, who played keyboards on some of the records, also once played with Ray Charles.