Altair Reviews

From: (Brett Rains)
Anybody familiar with Altair? Just got this on another list & was very curious......
You out there, Juan? Fill us in.......

From: "Luna Negra, S.C." <>
Well, what can I say about one of our releases. It's our latest and it's now available though Musea, Wayside, Eurock and Greg (@ Syn-Phonic) just asked for some copies as well as Larry (@ Kinesis). You can see some reviews on the Wayside Music and Eurock sites. Let me know if you're interested.

From: Jesus Diaz <>
I have and it is very good. The keys might sound too digital at times, but they are expertly played. It is all instrumental. A fact that is interesting is that the drummer is the mastermind/composer behind this band, so expect some solid fills and solos. Highly recommended.