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Alias Eye - Germany --- Making their US debut at ROSfest Art Rock - Alias Eye's music, is a variety of different genres, ranging from rock, pop, funk, jazz to classical. Alias Eye is making their US debut at ROSfest so get ready for the ride!

From: RAM <> There's a terrific new Prog band !!! They're new for me at least. They call themselves "Alias Eye". Read their e-mail below. Make sure you check out their MP3 file.  It's a very simple piece, but a very addictive little piece. The singer is fantastic and the guitarist is quite super. I'm sold to this group from hearing this one piece, and I'll be getting myself a copy real soon. I'm going to bet that these guys become a major prog act. You'll see. -RAM
At 06:45 PM 10/1/00 +0200, you wrote: >Dear prog-rock fans! (If you've already read this message-don't get >'s just little ol' me doing all in my power to promote our >music!) > >this is just a short mail to tell you about my band alias eye. We've > just recorded our first CD called "beyond the mirror" and are hoping >to get people interested in our music, which has its main influences in >Spock's Beard, The Flower Kings, Marillion and Pink Floyd. It would be >great if you >could check out our homepage  and download one of our >songs (premortal dance). The "music"-button will take you > to our mp3-site where you can download the whole song. Thanks for >taking >the time to listen and if you like the music-send me an email >and help spread the word! > >Hope to hear from you, > >Philip Griffiths, alias eye > >P.S. If you have problems accessing the website this link should (has >to!) work: >

From: "Richard Zywotkiewicz" <> Subject: Re: alias eye update
Alias Eye are a new German based group in the old prog vein (but with lots of keys). Their singer is the son of the UK Singer of Beggars' Opera and they sound identical. Think of it as a modern take on BO, with a bit more AOR elements. They're EP showed great potential. ... check out their MP3 clips. > >