After the Fall Reviews

From: David Kuznick <>
After the Fall - In a Safe Place* '97, USA, Sympho - Very mediocre ELP wannabees. Vocals are WAY too over-the-top and "earnest". They throw some jazz in, but that doesn't help much either. Sound samples:<>

From: "Stephen & JoAnn Ellis" <>
Ram typed: Geez, the guys are good. The album is called "In a Safe Place" by an American trio named "After the Fall." I got this CD for free by doing an album exchange with the guitarist/singer. They remind me of Kansas in many ways, but they break out into very long instrumental sections which Kansas is not known for. I highly recommend their CD.
The Captain adds: Mark Benson, guitarist/lead singer for ATF is a great friend. If you liked In A Safe Place, then when the new one is released "The Living Drum" you will be blown away. They are now a four piece outfit having added Jeff Brewer on bass and percussion.