Aether Reviews

From: Mike De Lang <>
Aether - Visions: Another killer album. Reminds me a little of Camel.

From: Richard Stockwell <>
Aether are a four piece Brazilian symphonic/progressive with a sound that is described as close to that of English band CAMEL. The track descriptions on the bands first release are as follows: "Millennium" represents the EARTH seen from the Cosmos and it's wakening to life. It is a fluidic overture to the CD. "Autumn", like the name says, is a musical vision of autumn. "Whales" was composed some years ago when Green Peace was at work worldwide in the process to protect the whales from extinction. This piece is a ode to the whales. "A New Bright Day", is the only sung track. "Trindade Island" is a vision from the island. The track "Kings & Knights" is the expression of a medieval story with their knights, kings, princess, gnomes, magicians and everything more. "November" represents the arrive of winter. The "Altenburg Suite" is a symphonic vision of one of the oldest castles in Germany, the Altenburg castle. The suite represents 24 hours in the castle. It begins with the arrival at the castle on a rainy afternoon. The night claims the voices from the past, of all those people who left their presence there. The voices vanish with the arrive of morning lights (The Birth of a Morning). The day has it's symbol in the movement "The Sun at the Tower". The bucolic end of the day is represented by the duet of a acoustic guitar and violin in the movement "The Lake". The end of the suite becomes the part, "Essence of Freedom", that crosses the time barrier, beginning with a baroque view that morfs to progressive ballad and resolving at a Jazz Rock. "The Woods", closes the trilogy formed with the tracks "Autumn" and "November". The last track, "The Ocean", closes the trilogy formed by the tracks "Whales" and "Trindade Island".